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Thread: [REL] 1.0 : A Free, Open-source deb archiver

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    Default [REL] 1.0 : A Free, Open-source deb archiver v1.0 (2011-01-05)
    A Free, Open-source deb archiver
    by Laga Mahesa, aka Stone-D ([email protected],
    Copyright Laga Mahesa 2011, All Rights Reserved.
    Licensed under Creative Commons "by-nc-sa"
    Essentially : must attribute, share similarly, for non-commercial use
    Detailed Info :

    This script will do the following :
    - create a folder named "archives" in "/var/mobile/"
    - attempt to download ALL currently installed debs into archives folder
    - produce debbie.log - the raw log file
    - produce debbie-slim.log - pruned, more readable log file
    - produce debbie-list.log - all the debs you have currently installed

    The very first time this script is run will take a long time, as it is
    downloading everything. Subsequent times will be much faster as it will
    skip over any existing debs. For that reason, I suggest you back up the
    archives folder as-is, and copy it back when you want to do an update.

    To abort, simply press the Q key.

    PS: Don't expect to find anything on my website yet, I'm lazy.
    When emailing me, please prefix the subject with "DEBBIE:"

    Installation :

    Connect to your device, then copy the script somewhere useful
    using your sftp tool of choice.

    /var/mobile/ is a nice default, the script's working directory.

    chmod +x ./

    There are two modes : Fake and Real. Fake does nothing, going through
    the motions without downloading anything. Folders are still be created,

    Originally posted to:

    Feel free to repost wherever you wish, as long as you keep this text.

    Apologies, I originally posted this in the 3rd party apps requests forum, thinking it was for cydia specific and that there was a backslash between apps and requests. Only had an hour sleep last night... well, that's my story and I'm sticking with it.

    EDIT 2010-01-06 :

    I had assumed Apt was installed by default - turns out it isn't. Mine must have been installed as a dependency of something else. Do the following if doesn't work for you :

    1) Open Cydia, go to the Manage tab.
    2) Click Settings, at the top right. Set to Developer (Change this back later, if you want to)
    3) Go back to Manage, then click on Sources
    4) Under Installed by Package, Find Telesphoreo Tangelo (
    5) Install all files starting with APT :
    - APT 0.6 Transitional
    - APT 0.7 (apt-key)
    - APT 0.7 HTTPS Method
    - APT 0.7 Strict
    - APT 0.7 Strict (lib)

    EDIT 2010-01-09 :

    Note that this script changes the interrupt and forgets to reset it, meaning that CTRL-C will not function, and 'q' serves that function. Exiting and logging back in will fix it.

    Alternatively, add the following to the end of the script :

    tset -Q -i ^c
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    Last edited by Stone-D; 2011-01-09 at 05:21 PM. Reason: Added info about reseting the interrupt key (CTRL-C).

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