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Thread: BackBoard - Smart Theme Installer

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    Default BackBoard - Smart Theme Installer
    Theming the easy way...

    Choose from an ever growing collection of themes, all of which install within seconds...

    Note: Backboard does not supply or download the actually themes for you. You must install/purchase them from cydia first before you can use backboard to install.

    Watch it in action!


    BackBoard Features
    • One click installation
    • Fast theme switching
    • Backup and restore
    • Theming security
    • Iconoclasm support
    • Dependency Checker
    • Simple layout, with theme preview
    • Custom installers that can link to backboard

    Redefined Themeing...

    Backboard is designed to help new jailbreakers and lazy people (like me) to install themes that would require complex setups. Often times when installing a navigational based theme, it would take hours to re-arrange icons, organize applications, and SSH files. Backboard eliminates this stress of having to do-it-yourself and instead you simply launch the app, choose a theme you would like, and tap on it. Once your device resprings, it will be loaded with the new theme ready to go. Backboard also has a built-in backup and restore system. Suppose you had installed a theme through backboard and decide to customize it to your preferred look. Once you remove the theme, Backboard saves your customized settings and if you ever return to that theme, it will apply your customization back.

    Server-side Security

    With the latest outbreak of theming piracy in other forums, it is best to add piracy protection you your themes. Backboard has a blacklisting system that will check my servers every time a theme installation is made. This way, I can live update the list if new pirated themes were to be released, without having to update the app itself. If you are a theme developer, then adding you theme to Backboard can be done through a single email ([email protected]).

    If you are interested in beta testing, read the Getting started guide here (includes download link):

    Oh yeah, BackBoard will be free.
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