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Thread: Categories App Stopped working....

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    Default Categories App Stopped working....
    Categories App Not Working Now
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    Had it on my 3GS for couple months, all great, loved it. Now got an update (I guess) and when I open "catagories" folder it acts as a brand new install, none of the folders I already made show up so I can add/remove apps to the folders.

    What happened and please tell me in idiot terms how to fix this....LOL

    I got cat folders with apps in them and no way to add/remove or delete them.


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    Tried re-installing Categories?

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    yes, it is as if it is first time install..........

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    Is there a better place to post this? Who designed this dam app?

    This sucks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepyjim View Post
    Is there a better place to post this? Who designed this dam app?

    This sucks.

    I know there are other threads about Categories "bugs". You might try one of those...but I would think this thread is as good as any.

    Unfortunately I have not seen your issue before. That is quite odd...and I bet annoying. Categories is made by BigBoss (who also make SBSettings and other cool apps).

    So you said it is like a "new install"...does that mean you can re-set up your Categories again with no issues? Maybe try setting up just one small category (so as not not waste too much time) and then use your phone as normal for a few days....see if it happens again, and try to find out what changed when it happens. Just a troubleshooting thought.

    Good luck!
    kwickone I.T.H.

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    I had to redo all my categories after deleting the preferences by resetting all settings.
    Categories has a new way of naming folders.
    Go into /Applications and delete all categories you made before.
    If you made a Games folder with the old Categories it would create in /Applications.
    The new Categories names the folders, etc.
    Before you start making new categories, make sure to unhide all your apps first SBSettings-->More-->Hide Icons
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    is it me or does this forums just not seem quite right for this post.... haha

    This is like posting in the news forum so that you get more viewers who can potentially fix your problem O_o

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