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Thread: TVOut2 Mirror TVOut

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    Where's the attached .deb file on that post?

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    Poseidon79: you need to subscribe and login to the other forum then the .deb file (zipped) will show up.

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    What cable do I need to use this app? Thanks

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    I have an Iphone 3GS with 3.1.2 firmware. I am currently using the 1.1.2 version of TVOUT2 with an unofficial AV out cable.
    When I plugged the cable, the uncompatibility message appears on the Iphone.
    I tried to hack this with the iapd file successfully but I went back to the original settings to try this cable.

    With the original iapd file, ONLY one mode works for me in order ton play videos on the TV (I am using VLC player):


    The rest of the modes, or only audio is played on both TV and device or only device is playing video with no image or frozen image on the TV.

    With the only working mode, when I play the video, on the TV only is displayed the status bar and the playing control buttons on portrait mode (play, pause, ...) - Audio works fine, and the device is playing the video normally. I have to double tap de device display in order to get the video on the TV.
    If I double tap again the Iphone display, the TV image freezes while on the device is still playing normally.

    I don't know if it is a problem with the unofficial cable, but although is a bit annoying, this is a great application that should be fixed in terms of small bugs.

    Games and Apps are well displayed on the TV without any issue

    I do appreciate the work made for this application.



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    Hi Iker,

    This comes up again and again. TVOut2 is developed and works with an Apple cable. I also bought a fake cable for testing and mine works if you install "resupported" ($1.99 Cydia) though apparently this doesn't work for all breeds of fake cables. The problem is always video as TVOut2 uses the original Apple path for playback when in "video" mode to get full framerate, even on a 2g. You can expect everything else to work on any cable.

    Edit: turns out there is a $17 genuine fake cable which is worth a try:

    Alas, my advice has to be to save yourself a lot of time and trouble by getting the right cable even though the price is an absolute scandal. You won't regret it, you even get a free spare charger! For more detail/info try the forum:

    iPhone Landscape TV Out :: View Forum - iPhone TVOut2 Mirror TVOut

    Update 20/6/2010 - 1.1.5 seems to almost work with iOS 4.0 if you want to try it out though there is an annoying blinking with fake cables. If you still get the blinking with real cables could you let me know as that would be BAD news.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ecgta3 View Post
    testing right now

    testing right now

    Update: AMAZING, best TV OUT app out there hands down! Works on nearly every single app, the only thing that didn't work for me was in YouTube. My downloaded videos ( don't play, but when you stream them they do, if they don't stop the video and stream again. Anyways, EXCELLENT!


    I use a third party cable (non-apple), and it works for me. You just have to replace a file on the iPhone and that's it. I followed the directions in this video:

    YouTube - 3rd party iPhone 3G 3GS AV composite cable hack for 3.1.3 firmware or lower FIX

    proceed at your own risks as some people have left comments saying something some weird things, However I am on 3.1.2 and my TV out works FINE and I DONT HAVE AN APPLE CABLE!
    Im on my itouch right now. could someone give me the link to the iapd file from youtube? If that link doesnt work (someone else said the link was dead), could someone give me an alternative link?

    The link on the YouTube video worked, it just didn't work on mobilesafari Use a PC browser. I'm amazed at the results of the iapd hack; cable works like native! YouTube link:[ame][/ame] Adding this bid to my blog
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    Default susccess
    I used Resuported (as a driver i think) and TVOut2 Mirror TVOut for adjustement on my 3gs 16g 3.1.3 with these cables

    TVOut2 Mirror TVOut i used for adjustements of picture and video output mode.

    Separately i didn't have much success, but combined work as native.

    Install Resuported then TVOut2 Mirror TVOut.
    video (ipod, utube), all games work perfect, no lag on tv or iphone.

    good luck

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    Alas, resupported doesn't work yet on iOS4. Also that looks like an Official Apple cable so you probably wouldn't have needed it

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    I have 3g iphone opperating on ios4.0.1, just installed tvout2, does sky mobile tv work with this ios?
    I've tried connecting to tv but just get the sound and no picture, using apple cable. If so any suggestions?


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    After a bit of fiddling I have Sky Mobile TV working on my TV. I have a 3GS and a non-Apple composite cable. At first try all I could get was audio on the TV and the IPhone display only showed about a third of the picture. However after adjusting the settings on TvOut2 and removing my original TvOut it works a treat. Settings are important obviously. I have the following set to green :- auto, tvoff MODE = split gaming video and ORIENTATION control is locked. I believe the last one is most important. Hope this helps b

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyf69 View Post
    I have 3g iphone opperating on ios4.0.1, just installed tvout2, does sky mobile tv work with this ios?
    I've tried connecting to tv but just get the sound and no picture, using apple cable. If so any suggestions?

    i had same problem, its in the settings of TVOut 2. you HAVE to have it set as Mirror, not Video... i believe thats what the labels were. that way it is outputing to your iphone and tv screen at same time. works pretty good for at bat 2010.

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    Does this work with the Dock --> VGA cable or only the dock --> AV cable?

    I can't get anything using my Dock --> VGA

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    Mine works on the settings I gave but if mirror works too that's a plus. I'm using ios4. Not got a dock just a cheap cable from Amazon! Image for TVOut2 settings is here:-

    View image: IMG 0007[1].png
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    I can't see tvout2 on rock/cydia? Help

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    hey im just curious. i put a posting awhile back in the accessory reviews section asking about a wireless option for this purpose. maybe one of you guys might know?

    do you guys know of any type of product to allow me to do the tv out wirelessly? tvout2 mirror tvout is awesome and works great but the current apple branded cord is way too short fo my needs, and a wireless option would be perfect.

    if not a wireless option, you guys know of a cord that is extra long? :P

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    Default Support ios4
    If you have iphone 3gs on ios4 in cydia download resupported4 for ios 4 and download tvout2 and wala it should work with alot of after market component cable "NONE APPLE" it stops The whole flickering thing so The screen stays solid nice and sharp i dont know if this works on The iphone 4 because i do not own one so please if you do try this with an iphone 4 please let us know

    809 hoodz
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    UPDATE (see bottom below my original problem)

    Original problem:

    What is the trick to get non iPod video to show on my Kenwood DNX5160?

    Using the Kenwood gui, I can play iPod TV/Movies/Music Videos fine.

    I'd like to play NON iPod video though, both supported ones and via TVOuTuner

    For example, if I launch the iPhone Netflix app, I can HEAR the audio on my kenwood but the kenwood screen is Blue with "No Video Signal" at the top. The iPhone Netflix app shows a red screen with netflix. I assume this is a wall paper used when it thinks iphone is being output to the kenwood. This Netflix app is supposed to natively support video out.

    My bigger goal is to mirror the iphone on the kenwood so I can see TomTom etc. I'm trying via the TVOutTuner app. It should allow me to output my SlingBox player app on my kenwood. I can Hear the audio, but no video

    I have an iPhone 4, on iOS 4.1, jailbroken, and (TVOut2 1.2.1) TVOutTuner installed.

    TVOutTuner worked in the past on a TV in my bedroom, using the official Apple iPhone Video Composite cable.

    I Always hear the audio, but Kenwood screen is always BLUE with "No Video Signal"

    What am I missing? "Should" it work? If not, do you know if I could possibly use the Apple Video Composite Cable and input it into the Video/Aux in on the back of my DNX5160? I have the backup camera installed, so I'm not sure if that used up the remaining video inputs as well. Suggestions or Anyone have experience with this?


    Ok after lots of experiments here's what I found out as a work around.

    1) You have to have an iPod video playing via the kenwood, so it's in iPod Video mode and not Music mode. So what that means is, I have a movie trailer downloaded to my iphone I got through itunes. I play it, pause it. (using the kenwood on screen stuff) Then on my iPhone, I hit the home button, goto TVOutTuner, and turn hit the Screen Off button and then screen ON button. My iPhone then instantly appears on the Kenwood! I'm able to watch slingbox/live CNN.

    For apps that natively support video out such as NetFlix, you need to turn TVOutTuner to Screen Off mode or you'll get audio only.

    So........ While this works, it's not very straight forward to use. It means I always have to start a video playing through kenwood, before I can get video to show from my iPhone. (5 to 10 button presses etc)

    I hope kenwood and other car stereo makers make it easier to enable the video mode from the iphone directly.

    My other work around will be to use the regular aux video input of the kenwood and add a second standard apple iphone composite connector/cable. I'm not sure I have a spare aux in though since I have the rear backup camera installed. We'll see!

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    hi guys
    ok i have iphone 4 on ios 4.1 jailbroken with limera1n.
    after install and resart of springboard, iphone emerges in safe mode!
    if i remove tvout2 all is fine, but reinstall gets me to safe mode!
    any ideas as to why?
    all help greatfully received

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtommyd View Post
    PS- As a side-note, the combination of TVout2, the cord, the Slingplayer (with 3g unrestricter), and a 3M Mpro110 led projector, I can walk and project tv at the same time. I don't really need to but I didn't really see how I had a choice. I just had to.
    "It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever." - Spinal Tap
    That's a cool setup!
    Quaerite et invenietis.

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