Proudly presenting : 'Transparent' - An iPhone/iPod Icon and wallpaper set (Bare in mind all Wallpapers are adaptions of the Official yet-to-be-released Snow Leopard, all rights reserved Apple Inc.)

Hope you like them! Whack 'em in your Icons Folder and Away you go!

Included a PSD too in case you want to add a bunch more...
Questions welcome. Comments Welcome.

Additional Info from here: iPhaze's deviantART gallery

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UPDATE - 00:46 29/07/09

Extra Icons AVAIL HERE:
Transparent Pack Addons by ~iPhaze on deviantART
Transparent Addons Pack 2 by ~iPhaze on deviantART

UPDATE - 01:44
Another Icon Pack
Transparent Addons Pack 3 by ~iPhaze on deviantART

Keep watching for more updates.... Check Here or here for updates.

~iPhaze //