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Thread: EasyWakeup from Cydia

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    Default EasyWakeup from Cydia
    There's an app in Cydia called EasyWakeup which I'm sure some of you have noticed... If you've ever heard of the SleepTracker watch, it is supposed to work in the same way (except it doesn't cost you $150...)

    I plan to write a review of the app once I have tested it a few times to see if it works... You can get free activation keys from this offer: Special offer | EasyWakeup - smart alarm clock for iPhone

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    I saw that, and thought it looked quite interesting.. then I read on..
    You need to strap the phone to your hand.. Yeah, I think not.
    I don't stay in 1 position all night, I'll wake up with a broken phone and a hole in my wall.

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    I do not like the idea of strapping the phone to my hand while i sleep. Not a good idea IMO.
    If anything was usefull a thanks would be great!

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    Default Night 1
    Having the iphone strapped to my hand was a bit akward. I went to bed about 11pm and set the alarm for 8am. I forgot to turn on airplane mode so my battery was about dead when I woke up. The alarm went off at 7:39am. I didnt feel it being as difficult to wake up as it is normally. Im going to try a different hour of going to bed tonight

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    Quote Originally Posted by skb875 View Post
    I'll wake up with a broken phone and a hole in my wall.

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    for those of us who are used to slamming a snooze button this would not be a good idea.
    The beatings will continue until morale improves.

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    I can see me rolling over and whacking myself in the head with the iPhone. Not my idea of waking "refreshed". I'll continue with the tried and true hitting the snooze multiple times instead. lol

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    I thought I'd like this app as well, but strapping to my arm is a deal-breaker.

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    A friend is deaf, and he uses an alarm that he places in his pillow which later vibrates at a set time. Possibly a better method here?

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    Default Days 2 and 3
    Day 2 - I went to bed a little earlier then the first night. The alarm was set for 7:30-8am. It went off right about 7:30am. I didnt feel my normal need to hit the snooze button 9 times. It was not really an issue to get out of bed after the first alarm, so I made the short walk to start my coffee pot. So far this program seems to be offering a benefit.

    Mid day.. I checked Cydia for any updates and this program had a newer version. I upgraded. Didnt notice anything different on the software side.

    Day 3 - I changed the alarm from a ringtone to the vibrate feature. I stayed up a couple hours later then normal, mostly just to get caught up on some tv. I awoke to a vibrating phone this morning a few minutes before 8am. This seemed to me the best option for this program.

    Id like to see them get it to work while the screen is locked to preserve battery life and be able to use it some other way then strapping to my hand.

    All in all, im glad I tried the demo. Its a useful program, but could be a lot better with minor improvements. As long as the demo works, i'll probably keep using it however. maybe I can leave it on my stomach or chest all night?

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    does anybody have any idea how this works? it seems a bit like snake oil to me, and the fact that they essentially pay people to post reviews makes me a little skeptical of reviews.

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    Snake Oil it may be, but there are a number of companies selling similiar products for far greater cost. I figured it was worth trying for free

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    We much improved our program. Now it's possible sleep with screen off.
    Also you can try our program free - Lite version are available since 1.7 version.
    We appreciate if you give us some feedback.

    We ask user to write review in forum or blog where we can NOT moderate. We hope this fact give more objective information about our product. Also not all users who got free keys write reviews, but their keys are valid now and will valid in future.

    Many users use EasyWakeup and nobody broke their devices.

    Now we investigate support sleep without attaching device. Detect opportunity time via microphone (using noise).

    Best regards,
    EasyWakeup team.

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