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Thread: mplayer now on Cydia

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    yea , also when you tap on the screen , it kinda goes on this wierd frame skip thing , bad stuff, I'm guessing that's like a manual sync thing but I'm not too sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by z3r01 View Post
    im gonna try and put a symlink inside the /private/var/media folder to the downloads folder

    update: i created the symlink in winscp inside /private/var/mdeia to /var/mobile/library/downloads
    and it worked perfecty!

    i downloaded an avi using safari download plugin and it worked flawlessly
    your the man bro...when i get home later i am going to try this. wow with this and when pawn player comes out public who needs iphone getting assedout

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    A good start but it need some work. Tried a avi and i get a new frame every 15-20 seconds.

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    fantastic app, much better than vlc4iphone!

    has anyone managed to get mplayer to connect to a HTTP stream?


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    The only thing I wanted to play was Dattebayo's Bleach episodes. They use h264 encoding in an avi container. Neither vlc4iphone nor mPlayer can decode video, though there is sound playing in mPlayer

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    The only thing I wanted to play was Dattebayo's Bleach episodes. They use h264 encoding in an avi container. Neither vlc4iphone nor mPlayer can decode video, though there is sound playing in mPlayer
    thats strange, i ran a similar file and it ran but i got sound sync problems...maybe its ur file?

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    I don't think so. It's not just one file. It's all the new Bleach episodes since DB started using h264. I get sound sync issues as well. If I pause the movie I get one frame. That's all. And if I keep trying to press buttons, I end up with a crash.

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    ok I created a folder called 'videos' under root and put a few vid files in there. I then ran the following command in the terminal:-
    ln -s /private/var/root/videos /private/var/media
    I verified that is was created successfully by:-

    harvey:/private/var/media root# ls -l
    total 15176
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root wheel 15534908 Sep 6 15:42 Godskitchen Video.mp4
    lrwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 24 Nov 1 10:10 videos -> /private/var/root/videos/
    However I still only see the one video that actually sits in the /private/var/media folder. Any idea guys?

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    I noticed that this really doesn't get along too well with .mov files created by cycorder. I created a symlink to where cycorder stores its videos and I can hear them but I can't see them. bummer.

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    Hi, I have downloaded Mplayer from Cydia into my Iphone but i'm unable to open it, Help Please.

    after upgrading Mplayer it didn't work it even don't open, any help?
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    ^^^ you need to create the media folder in var/mobile/ it happened with me, after i created the folder,the app worked fine

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    I created a media folder in root/private/var but I only have 85MB in my root partition and 5GB in my Home folder so I can't add anything to my media folder
    Am I missing something?
    I have a 8GB iphone and a macbook running Leopard.

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    Default problem for me
    i tried t watch an avi formatted movie on this app but there was ne syncron between sound and video and the movie was always freezing is there anbbody that perform such problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by z3r01 View Post
    using winscp , browse to private/var/media and rightclick and select new symlink, then name it download and in the second box type /var/root/mobile/library/downloads and that's it, as for donners, I haven't tried that duke extension , will try in a minute

    Thanx button in advance

    I've been stumbling my way through this one. I created my media folder in [root]/private/var and dragged a few videos into that folder last night and they did show up when I opened the player but when I tried to play them all I got was a black screen and a sound that would make static sound like a symphony. I'm not even sure what format the files were in. I figured it was another bust but today at work I tried with a known good wmv file and it worked. It, however, would not play an mpeg. I even tried changing the extention to wmv and still nothing. I guess would have to actually convert the format as opposed to just changing the extension. But that takes time and if I have to change the format I might as well change it to m4v and be done with it. You gotta admit the iPhone player is a bit more user friendly. It's just not as capable. If that's the case my main use for the player would be to play file formats directly from the web and emails that the iPhone player will not. They would have to be placed in the [root]/private/var/media folder and I have no idea how to accomplish this. I tried creating a "symlink" but was unable to do so. I'm using iPhone browser as opposed to winscp but I don't think that is an issue. When I go to any file and right click the only options I get are 'New Folder', 'Back Up Folder', 'Save Folder In', 'Rename Folder' and 'Delete Folder'. There is no option for 'new symlink'. Then if someone is able to help me out with that my next question would be how do I actually download videos to this file from both the web and emails?

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    Default it plays little slow motion and ALL I hear is bzzzzzzzzzz
    I tried wmv and 2 avis. Both avis it palyed with bzzzz instead of sound. The wmv it was cutting sound here and there.
    All of them played slow motion.
    All of them play perfect on windows pc.
    Any suggestion about the bzzzzz?


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    As far as the buzz, it does the same for me. Not on wmv's though. It's a format thing. As far as the slow mo thing, I've had a few do the same thing but only full length movies. Not sure why some do that and others don't. Even when they are about the same lenth and size, converted with the same software one will play fine and the other won't. It also has alot to do with the actual memory used and even more to do with the processor speed. It obviously takes up a lot if resources to play a movie that's not imported into iTunes in m4v format. That's my guess anyway.

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    Default not it happens on small even 15min movies. If they fixed the buzz I would pay for it!

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    I guess I have problems too. I really wanted VLC to work but it just flashes white and exits. I d/l MPlayer, created my /media directory, and it just flashes white. I put a m4v file in it.

    I'm beginning to wonder if it's just me. 3.0? MPlayer says in the changelog that 3.0 support was added.

    Any ideas?

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