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Thread: [RELEASE] Notifier 1.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by n00neimp0rtant View Post
    Check out OpenNotifier, we don't have that issue =]
    Dude i totally use it. thats why i want this disabled. I use your program for all the icons but i use notifier+ for the repeating alerts.

    Also, i tweeted you about this, it may have been fixed but sometimes after ON has been installed a little bit, when i close or respond to any text from bite sms the whole phone freezes for a could seconds. when i removed ON it didnt happen ever. I reinstalled it in hopes that some mods i did to my phone fixed it.

    I noticed on the lockscreen when it flahes "slide to unlock"

    if i am sliding my finger around the lockscreen while that is flashing it stops in its tracks..

    make sense?

    i dont know if that is related to the lag after responding to a QR from bitesms.

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    The current build in Cydia has some serious performance issues. I'm beta testing a version with improved performance right now. I can PM you a link if you'd like, but it's completely manual installation (you have to drop the dylib in the folder yourself)

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    With some instructions I could do it. I have ifile.

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    After updating to iOS 4.2.1 i got the following problem with Notifier+:

    When tapping on the "messages-icon" on the lockscreen (after receiving SMS) nothing happens.

    Everything else still seems to work fine.

    Spektro, are you still there?


    Ha! New settings! Problem resolved.
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    Hey, sorry. After someone have hijacked this thread, i really had no reason to access it anymore. But yes, new settings for icons in the lock screen that can define some actions for them and also the position for them,

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    Thanks for your reply.
    What´s going on with the hijacking crap? No moderator here who can fix it?

    I'm still very happy with Notifier+ on my iPhone 3GS + 4
    The new settings are very nice. I like the acknowledge feature. For my purposes i like it much better than going to the app.

    Thanks again!!

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    Hey spektro,

    on iOS 4.3.2 my clean Notifier+ install (no old settings) crashes into safe mode on every calendar alert. No other Lockscreen apps installed.

    Any idea?

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    Hey spektro,

    sorry for bugging again, but i also tested a clean 4.3.3 iOS (iPhone 4) install with only Notifier+ installed and it still crashes on calendar repeat alert.

    Please give us a sign of life... just for the feel

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    Some more info:

    Yesterday i tried Notifier+ on my other iPhone (3GS).
    - Clean 4.3.3 install
    - Only notifier+ installed
    = Same problem


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