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Thread: for 1.1.3(Second life)

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    Default *works on 2.0*
    I've been using this trick for a long time, back when it was part of standalone rSBT and while it remained an unsupported tweak, it kept working with a bit of tweaking with all consequent iPhone FW's.

    A few weeks back I tweaked it again for 1.1.3 and now it works as a standalone "app" and it's a bit less of a hack then it ever was before.

    For those who don't know what this is, check this link: BlankSpaces - rsbt - Google Code

    My main reason for using this app is to be able to have the first homescreen slide empty, so that it showcases the beautiful screen and my wallpaper but it can be used for cool custom themes as well.

    Well let's get to it.
    This is what it can do once you set it up right.

    ::The app itself was NOT made by me. I just liked it enough to keep using and tweaking it for my current FW version::

    Prior to 1.1.3, one had to set up 12 blank icons on the first page in order to move everything to second and so on. This was done through rSBT/Customize. With the new built in wiggly icon feature, it only takes one now....this makes this whole thing much cleaner and less prone to fudge ups and it's a breeze to remove it.


    Download the zip here: RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    -Unpack the zip onto your desktop (you should end up with a folder called

    -Place the folder into your "Applications" folder on your 1.1.3 iPhone using whatever you feel comfortable (SSH, iPhoneBrowser, etc)

    Now this is important....RENAME the folder to [SPACEBAR].app
    It should end up looking like this " .app" (yes, a BLANK space)
    This allows for the app not to have a name/tag on SpringBoard.

    -Now set permissions as you would with any other app and restart Springboard.
    NOTE: if you see a question mark icon on your Springboard, you haven't set permissions right

    Once Springboard restarts, you should see absolutely nothing new since the icon is invisible.
    Locate the last app on your Springboard and press and hold the space after that app, where you would expect the next icon to appear. Things should start jiggling now (magic, eh)

    You're set.
    If you wish to have a nice blank first screen, move the invisible icon to top left of the first screen and proceed to move everything else to the next screens (leave the blank/invisible icon on the first)

    Well there is always this.
    The one "bug" which is not a bug at all is the fact that if you by mistake press the button as to launch it, it will open for a few seconds and crash back to Springboard. Well, sometimes it doesn't crash so it takes a restart.

    One way to get around this is to actually replace the icon of one of your apps (Contacts seems like a good choice) with the icon for this app and rename it to " .app"
    This way, once you launch it, it will open a working app instead of a loop.

    As I never launch it by mistake, I never had a reason to do this.

    Well there it is, enjoy.

    Full credit goes to the original creator of rSBT as well as add-on.

    I guess no one has a need for this tweak but freaks like m :P
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