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Thread: [APP RELEASE] SMS Notify (vibrates)

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    If you read backwards through the posts you will see your question/problem answered/solved several times...

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    This awsome app didnt work in 2.0..


    You can get the sound part to work with a little bit of a tweak..

    In Cydia get Erica Utilities snd SQLite3.. then

    then you can use this script in the


    while test 1
    n=`$sql /var/mobile/Library/SMS/sms.db 'select count(*) from message where flags=0'`;

    if [ "$n" -gt 0 ]

    $playaudio $audiofile &


    sleep 120

    I'm trying to find away to find NetMage to see if we can get him to write another SCW_Missedcalls binary... or at the least port over the original.. And I hope somone can release the vibrate binary again...

    Thanks Boomers Mech!

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    boomersmech: I have almost the exact same article over here,
    (wish I had seen this first , would have saved myself some time )

    So I also got play working but the query is not triggering the IF condition. I have 2 SMS's unread and if I run the following command in putty it returns 2...

    sqlite3 /private/var/mobile/Library/SMS/sms.db 'select count(*) from message where flags=0'

    but when I have the condition if [ "$n" -gt 0 ] it never triggers, is the condition triggering for you? Can you post your current script, cause I can't figure out why mine isn't working.

    I got it to work. The sqlite3 is also incompatible with FW2.0, but Erica has an update for it as well... I have more detail over here...

    Now, just to get a vibrate that works
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