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Thread: MCleaner—CALL/SMS reject

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    Thumbs up [Released_OS.0]MCleaner 1.8.1—CALL/SMS reject
    On the iSpazio Cydia Source.Compatible with Jailbreak iPhone Firmware 1.x/2.x/3.0

    Note: The latest version MCleaner v1.8.1 supports iPhone 2.x/3.0.Updating is totally free to our customers. Once purchased,enjoys lifetime free upgrade.To those who have purchased previous version,you can use the register code to activate the new version.


    1.enhance "hide sms preview" feature, now hide whole alert dialog;
    2. improve compatibility with iRealSMS and biteSMS

    we developed a software "MCleaner", which can filter incoming call and sms according to pre-configurated keyword(sms) and phone number(could be partial match), and you can set a profile to set MCleaner working mode quickly, and also scheduler mode is supported.You can browser blocked sms/call anytime you want, with all details. You can import whitelist/blacklist from contacts/recents/sms, or input manually.

    Main functions:
    1. Filter incoming/outgoing calls and sms.
    2. Support "black" and "white" lists.
    3. Six block modes to reject the call.
    4. Set a profile to change MCleaner filter policy quickly.
    5. Scheduler mode for regular event.
    6. Protect user's privacy by password and automatically move outgoing logs of blacklist to MCleaner's private log database.
    7. Option to fake data when wrong password is input (and not null).
    8. AutoReply to blocked calls using SMS .
    9. Ability to block the hidden number.
    10. You can define your own schedule, profile .etc.
    11.Disable Sms Preview.
    12.Out call accepted Vibrate;New blocked call/sms Vibrate.

    There are a lot of cool features, try it and you will find them yourselves

    MCleaner is shareware with 15 days full functional trial.


    Any question, please contact us at: [email protected]

    skillful use of MCleaner
    MCleaner can keep you free from the bothering calls and sms, besides, it can also protect your privacy.

    first set a password, there are two options:1. the wrong password can't go through 2. the wrong password gets false information. the latter one is more deceptive on fooling others. when a wrong password is input, though he can go through, nothing will be shown.

    here we emphasize one point. "blacklist" does not only mean to reject the calls of the blacklist, you can choose to reject the call only or sms only or both. this is totally up to you. so the "blacklist" can be understood as private space.

    here is an example:

    you have a couple of intimate friends, but you don't want anyone else to see their sms and don't want to miss their calls. so you can add them to the blacklist, set the reject mode as "apply to messsage". when they send you sms, the sms will be blocked and store into "my logs", no sms are in the inbox of your phone. please notice: in the "system options" of "Setup",set the "Max Logs Kept Time" as "always"; "Auto Start" as "Yes" and "Show Indicator" as "Yes". once there is sms, you can see an icon of letter on the interface without ringing. if you don't want others to see the icon, you can set "Show Indiator" as "No, but that needs you to look at it every few minutes. in "Basic" setting, set "Out Logs To Blacklist" as "Log in MCleaner", and no one can see the messages you sent. Also, you can set to block all sms, and restore some of the sms as you like.
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    well when i install it and try the blacklist only with busy signal it goes to voicemail.and if i check the vib option when i get a call it would just reboot the phone, and installer would not soft reboot after installs. i uninstalled it and installer works fine. also i tried to download the manual from your site and it says dreamweaver file and it`s blank, and there is no way to buy for iphone. hope you can get these fixed.

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    wrong place for this buddy
    but it looks pretty useful

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    i bought the complete version and works like a charm. thanks for the great app.
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    SMS In/Out - Yes/Yes
    GPRS - Yes
    YouTube - Yes

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    MCleaner for iPhone is updated to version new version add some cool features.More info: MCleaner for iPhone——call blocking and sms reject

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    This is ********. Having to pay for apps that will break when the next firmware is released? Dude, go to Google and find the crack instead. Way easier.
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    the problem with this app is when i try to block calls with the busy signal it will go to my voicemail. iBlacklist will give a busy signal. if i`m blocking a number i don`t want it to go to my voicemail. any1 else have this problem?

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    Yeah, i 'm experiencing the same problem as well. Set to give busy signal but blocked calls are going to voicemail.

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    I for one think this would be an awesome app if he can resolve some of the issues, which I think he can fairly easily. This is the first release. Works perfectly for me except the issue of allowing blocked calls to go to voicemail. $20 is not a bad price for this app; t'would be nice if everything in life was free.

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    Default can someone pls help?
    i have the added the mcleaner source to the installer but when i search for the application thru the installer i dont see the mcleaner application in the list .am i doing something wrong.pls reply urgently. thnx

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    Installer source: .Attention please: all chararcthers are in low case !

    and MCleaner for iPhone has been updated to, with bug fix and add new block mode to hangup the call but not send to voicemail. For the existing customers, please update to latest version ( it is free ).
    Last edited by mcleaner; 06-13-2008 at 03:04 AM.

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    I notice that when you recieve an sms from a contact that ISNT on the blacklist that the only notification you get is the badge on the sms icon, you dont get any sound or vibration.
    This needs to be fixed also, as whats the point in not getting notified of a non blacklist contact.

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    I got the full version, I love it. I really like this over iBlacklist, i've alread gotten like 260 blocked calls from the ex g/f.. your a life saver!!! haha

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    Perfectly working ver app!! Now hangs up on unwanted calls without going to voicemail.
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    The new iBlacklist 1.9 has just been released. A viable and cheaper alernative to MCleaner
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    how can i replace the envelope icon? And did anyone notice that if the SMS preview was disable.. no sms tone alert also?

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    MCleaner for iPhone has been updated to 1.4.2, with bug fixed and new function as "New Blicked Call and SMS Vibrate" added. For the existing customers,

    please update to latest version ( it is free ).More info: MCleaner an MCallShow——iPhone Softwares

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    maybe should have a try. it is a pity that it doesn't aupport iphone2.0 now.

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