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Thread: Feeds - Native Google Reader App [BETA]

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    THANK you very very much for this. You don't know how happy I am to see this sort of thing. I normally don't use RSS readers, but this app just gave me a whole reason why. When on the go, I don't always have an active internet connection and having this will make things a hell of alot easier for me. Just connect before I leave, read on the go and whne I get back into a hotspot I can get all the information right at my finger tips. Very very nice app.

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    I really love this RSS reader! it is very nice....the main request i have is for a way to go through the different articles quickly (like Mobile RSS does). Instead of having to go back all the time.... Keep up the great work!!!

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    With all the praise for this app, I think I may be missing something.

    Don't get me wrong, the app is great.. But how do I read the full article of the feeds? If I'm blind and missing this option, please let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sn0wballz View Post
    How are you getting around the fact that you can't read the entire article?
    Depends on what your feeds provide. Kotaku parses the entire article, that was enough to keep me satiated over lunch.

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    This app is kinda joke. I couldn't even type in my login because there's no way to type a dot. Could this be fixed?

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    just put any thing in at first. then go to the settings page, click on password and a full keyboard will come up.
    this app is no joke, its great

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    I was able to retrieved my feeds one but now it crashes.
    Never mind I figured it out.
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    8g iphone 1.1.4
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    kudo for developer of this apps! Love it!!

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    Sorry to be dense, but From the feeds page, I select a feed. The on that page I see a list of articles. I select one of those and the page flips so I can see the headline and a senetnce or two of the post. How do I then see the full article? Thanks much

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    Feeds is using the data provided by Google Reader. Most blogs I read provide full articles in their feed but some choose to only syndicate a summary which in that case is all you can read. In the next version there will be a 'Read original article'-link but this is not the way Feeds is supposed to work

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Great app...really, the only thing I felt I was missing from my iPhone...the fact that other readers don't sync to all the other places I read my feeds makes them useless to me...keep up the good work!

    - Quicker way to go through feeds
    - Ability to Star items
    - Landscape mode

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    Feeds with empty title are not supported... for example

    The feed name in Feeds is feed/http://www.lepan... and is always empty.

    Thanks for the first usable rss app for iphone/ipod.


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    it keeps crashing on me. every time i try to sync it crashes on the gizmodo feed. I deleted the feed from google reader, then it just crashes on the next feed.

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    @questioncom: Are you running the newest version (0.3.5 / 0.3.6)? Did you have installed Feeds before? If yes, did a uninstall / reinstall help?
    Also: did you install Feeds from another source (e.g. my own one, just copying it over with scp) that Installer / Cydia before?
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    Hmm.. I am having issues with this one (off installer, 0.36 but the splash says 0.35).. it appears to work, its collecting the feeds as per the sync screen but when i go to the feeds screen... nothing there. (fw 1.1.4, iLiberty+)

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    I have the same problem as kyteflyer. Installer said .36 but the app says it is .35. It says it is syncing but no feeds show up

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    Please try the new version 0.3.8 and see whether it's working now. It should be in the ModMyI repository soon but you can already download it from

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    I'm using 0.4 but it does not sync anymore from today

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    I have the new 0.4 version installed. I notice it keeps giving me the same "unread" feeds even though I have read them already on a previous sync. It does not matter if I select on or off for unread feeds, this function doesn't seem to work! Previous version worked fine. I shouldn't have updated!!!

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