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Thread: Drunknbass paypal security warning

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    Default Drunknbass paypal security warning
    Drunknbass fake thief account site.

    same as security thread.

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    Say what? What are you trying to say?

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    That's Drunk's MAF site, its were we've been going for all hte iphone video info up until the uShow launch.

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    what does drunkenbass have to do with the phishing site you are buying who knows what from?

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    drunkbass is lazy and honestly he never finished his app and paying for a half-way project is not really smart

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    How do you complain about an app thats free go buy a blackberry and give me ur iphone!!!

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    That site seems legit to me... The address bar certainly shows PayPal's real address, so unless some virus changed your host file, that's the real deal, and NoScript has gone crazy.
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    just because you have some dumb virus or something on your computer dont go calling me a thief. it your facts straight. retarded

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    You have no right to call a respected iPhone developer lazy. How many apps have you created. Have you ever donated to him? If your not paying, STOP WHINING!
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    What the hell is up with your paypal warning posted 2 separate ones and neither one has anything to do with a native iphone app launch which is what this section is for and neither one makes any sense.

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    kkimber, no, just, no.

    shambles0, think before you speak, espicially when you're not useful in any way, shape or form.

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