One of the most popular casino games Black Jack. Brings up a real life casino experience. You can use the Training mode to play alone against the dealer or join Heads up match to play with others, and receive daily bonus.

You can download the app for free on iTunes: Download


“For some, it is just a game of chance; for others, it’s a game of skill and ability. One of the most popular casino games worldwide, Black Jack (also known as Twenty-One) is now available for your devices. Elegantly designed, Black Jack Ultimate by Seavus offers a casino-like experience of playing against the house dealer who stays on a “soft” 17.

The app gives you an opportunity to prove that you are capable of outwitting the dealer and to reach the level of some of the biggest masters of this game. So, what is your strategy? Are you good enough for accounting of all the exposed cards? Will you be able to make crucial inferences? Hit, Stand, Double Down, Split or Surrender? Find out about the answers to these questions on your device now, wherever you are.


•Crisp graphics and sounds effects
•Multiplayers games with friends from Game Center
•Unique user experience
•Playing for chips
•Engaging social elements
•Sharing scores on Facebook

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