Hey. I am the developer of Boover(1)

Currently it does not work on 6.0, or so I've heard. The thing is I do not have access to a 6.0 device. What I'd like is for someone with 6.0 to install the app and after it crashes you send me the crashlogs or your syslog or any logs you can think of.

Now if you dont know anything (at all) about these kinds of things I dont recommend you to do it. But If you have some time over and want to help me get Boover to work on 6.0 please do help.

Here is how to get the syslog working (if you dont have it already)
ios - How to install/active syslogd at iPhone/iPad - Stack Overflow

I would like the syslog/file that is in the iphones directory /var/log/syslog

If youd like to do that, send me the logs to [email protected] or here. Thanks in advance! I will add your names to the credits in the app (if you want).

1: Boover on bigboss repo http://apt.thebigboss.org/onepackage...ntelang.boover