iPhone App Description

SyncQuik is an exciting new interactive networking technology that consolidates your social and professional media networks with your contact information into a personalized Sync Networking Card. Your Sync Networking Card is then assigned a unique QR code that represents you! Using your QR code and a smart mobile device, you can easily exchange your Sync Networking Card with your new contacts.

How it Works

Step 1 Sign Up – Use the SyncQuik App or go to SyncQuik.com to receive your Free personalized QR code.
Step 2 – Customize your Sync Networking Card with your contact info and social media network links.
Step 3 – Share your QR code with your social and professional contacts. Simply email your QR code, post it to your web page or blog, or display it on your phone for others to scan. Then track your QR code activity and connect with your new contacts through any means you choose!

SyncQuik Future!

Instantly store new contact info to your phone’s Contacts App
Real-time management of your Sync Networking Card through the SyncQuik App
Track who views your Sync Networking Card and which social media links are accessed
View your SyncQuik activity and participate in QR sync challenges

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