Today, I tried playing Magic Yum-Yum!...

Purrr... purrrrr... Magic Yum-Yum is better than cream and salami, combined!!


Mew!.. Catching mice is not always easy as they are devilishly quick and clever... Sometimes when u come home after a long long working day you may feel like having in your paw a nice calm game... that doesnt take away what's left of your energy...

Purr.. an example of such is the released the other day Magic Yum-Yum Home . It's a classy puzzle game where user has to move pics of delicious sweets to make a match of 4 or more. The goal is to get max score by keeping enough space to continue playing. I especially like the music in the app, it's nice and relaxing.


o awesome cat-oriented time-killer: play any place, any time
o simple yet exiting gameplay both for cats and kittens
o cute retina display graphics and animation
o nice music and sound effects
o game state is auto-saved
o GameCenter support

Here you can find more info about Magic Yum-Yum and download it, meow:

AppStore: App Store - Magic Yum-Yum

YouTube: - YouTube

FaceBook: Magic Yum Yum | Facebook

Also, I recommended to my master release a new update with milk and salamis (I adore it!), to my utmost happiness he agreed, and now works on the major cat-dedicated update! (lions, lynxes and jungle cats are eligible, too!