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Thread: Opposite of BACKGROUNDER

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    Default Opposite of BACKGROUNDER
    Hello all,
    This is my first post so I'd like to say thanks to modmyi for just being here.

    My question is, is there an app that will keep other apps alive or open but allow you to multitask.
    Using SmartSender, a future SMS sending app, if I leave the app (hitting the home or sleep button) the app will not send my message at the future time I selected.
    Or if I want a game to continue running and I leave it, it will pause.

    For the SMS app issue, I tried Future SMS but it doesn't work all the time, I think it might have something to do with whether or not the app is open. I haven't tested it enough.

    So does anyone know of an app or tweak that will allow other apps to "stay alive" even if they're "minimised?"

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    Silly, silly you. Open the backgrounder app, and set a override for the app, and make it go to forced mode, and not native. You need to learn the difference ;D

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    Exactly what Jonathan said but please, don't use that size of font next time, it's kinda annoying and won't get you replies any faster. Anyways, back on topic.
    I will no longer be very active here anymore due to a variety of reasons.

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    Ikr lol, I wouldn't of acted like such a smart%#@ if it wasn't for that xP the huge fonts just make me want/love to be a jerk. :P

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    With the modmyi app, all fonts look the same

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    Meh, I don't want the app, I already get lost in all my apps xD 64 gigs goes a long ways and still only half full d:

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    Hahhaa. Sorry about the large font. Being 36 I guess I felt it needed a font equal to that of my age for fear of being overlooked if otherwise. Here on modmyi I'll chill with the font-size in the future.

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    Lol bro it's fine. Did ya get it fixed?
    I will no longer be very active here anymore due to a variety of reasons.

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    Yes I got it fixed. I think next to f.lux this is definitely the most useful app I now own. Thanks.

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    Glad ya got it fixed
    I will no longer be very active here anymore due to a variety of reasons.

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