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Thread: No SMS to Voice to SMS App?

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    Default No SMS to Voice to SMS App?
    People are using text more than voice for almost everything these days. I'm going crazy getting texts while driving. I can answer a call with my headset but if I keep reading and answering texts, I'm going to wind up in a ditch.

    It appears Apple does not give Apps direct access to reading e-mail inboxes and text message contents on the iPhone. This may explain why I cannot find an app that will speak a text and then let me dictate my response and reply by converting my voice to text. Heck I would even settle for it reading my texts and then replying with an MMS message with my response as an MP3.

    I used to have Siri before Apple got rid of it so they could come up with a reason to try to make people by the new 4S. I honestly can't remember if Siri was able to do this. If not, I'm really quote surprised Apple has not pulled off native SMS to voice to SMS dictation. I think there are some apps that try to do this but you can't use the phone's built-in SMS functionality. You need to use a third party SMS service. I'd like to have this capability for e-mail also. Seems that should be much more possible since an IMAP e-mail account the email stays on the server so with the e-mail credentials any third party app could read your e-mail box, speak the email, and then reply back with dictated message, or mp3 attachment of recorded response.

    It's funny how you see very few people actually TALKING on their phones any more. They are always typing instead. Typing and driving don't mix.

    Some may say the voice to text conversion won't be reliable but in reality, neither is my typing and the spell checker mangles it half the time anyway so it won't be any worse than my typos already are anyway I bet.

    ... just ran across an app called Calltel. So can apps for jailbroken I phone gain access to read text messages? I totally forgot to check Cydia for an app. Duh. Why are there no app ratings on Cydia. I thought there used to be?

    ... now found SpeakEvents - sounds better than Calltel. Geez, why are these type of apps so hard to find?
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    Check out Siri0us (Cydia source) it installs Siri dictation for texting (: I'm not quiet sure if it still works, since I use assisstant server so I can use plugins. Sorry if it doesn't work :c it's worth a shot thoh
    Jonathan :P
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