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Thread: iOS 5 Native Multitasking Alternatives?

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    Default iOS 5 Native Multitasking Alternatives?
    Hey guys, I recently upgraded from to iOS 5, and while everything went smoothly for the most part, I noticed that Backgrounder is open-source now and (from my understanding) isn't(?) fully compatible with the current firmware. I started to use the native multitasking feature instead. I realize that multitasking has been out since iOS 4, I just never had the need to use it. However, after using it for a day or two I'm starting to feel like it's functionality is very limited, and in the end does more bad than good. Of my biggest concerns:

    1) It automatically backgrounds (capable) apps when exiting. This is kind of ridiculous, as a quick navigation of a couple apps could leave several processes running in the background. This significantly worsens battery life if you don't make sure that every single app you opened is actually closed. On closing apps...

    2) The multitasking bar is great, but with flaws. I like the fact that I can open recently used apps conveniently through the menu, but when it comes to actually killing apps this bar is a pain. First, there's no distinction between backgrounded apps and recently used apps, and in order to exit these apps I need to open the bar, go the app, hold the icon, and close it. This isn't too bad, as I usually perform this function with the Processes setting in SBSettings, but the fact that I need to go back and kill any backgrounded apps at all (#1) is just tedious in itself. And

    3) Not all apps are compatible with native multitasking.

    To be honest, I know that some people did have problems with backgrounder, but, in my experience, it has always worked flawlessly. I only used it when I needed to - it gave me the option of backgrounding an app if I wanted to, where the native multitasking is practically the opposite. I was looking for an alternative to use, but I couldn't really find anything on brief searches, so I was hoping one of you could help. I'm using an iPhone 4, untethered jailbreak on 5.0.1.

    On a separate note, I've noticed Winterboard also isn't really compatible with iOS 5 (causes lag/jitter when navigating apps), but I'm guessing there aren't that many other substitutes for that either?

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    I'm running 5.01 on a 3GS. Winterboard is fine. It may be a particular winterboard theme that is giving you trouble.

    I agree with you about the lousy multitasking. It really isn't multitasking, it just suspends apps in memory (except for things like phone, mail, etc.) but does take up memory. Take a look at RunningIndicator and Direct Closer for help coping. LastApp is also useful.
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    I use a combination of "SwitcherMod" and "Appquit Activator Add on" from Cydia to help remedy this problem. Both are free too which is great

    SwitcherMod will add an opacity to apps that aren't running in the MT bar so you can tell them apart, and will add an X to all apps in the MT bar for quick and easy closing. With Appquit I assign "App quit current" to "home button>short hold" and "Appquit all" to "Sleep button>short hold". It's not a perfect solution, but it's what works for me.

    Running Indicator, which has already been mentioned, is a fine tweak as well. It just adds a backlight and an X to apps that are backgrounded to make them easier to close. I don't find it quite as useful as I keep most of my apps in folders, but you might like it.

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