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Thread: Barrel application

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    Default Barrel application
    hi, i have 4.3.3 jailbroken, and i want to know if there is an issue between Barrel and this firmware. Because the effects are not working right. thanks.

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    I have a feeling you're having the same problem I am.

    When using Barrel, the animation cuts off, or only does half. Say for example if you chose a page style, the animation will go half way then snap to home, and reverse as well, when you start the page to move, it jumps to the middle of the animation.

    The weird part is, when I upgraded from 4.2.1 to 4.3.3, it worked! I was so happy. I continued to install the rest of my tweaks and apps, and now it's broken again.

    I'm not sure what's causing it and removing apps one by one would take forever. Anyone have any ideas?

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    yeah, exactly like that.. so, i disabled the barrel tweak it's cool having that though..

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    I believe it isn't compatible with 4.3.3 yet. Hopefully in the near future it will be tho

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    that's what i thought.. uhm do you know what "error -54" in itunes means? i can't sync my ipod..

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    No what is the last tweak you installed?

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    i can't remember, but my last installed app was aptbackup..

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    Try uninstalling it

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    i can't uninstall it, my cydia has many pending modifications. install, upgrade, and remove. there are apps to be modified. how can i fix this?

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    Wait what?

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    when i try to install or remove apps, there are other "queued" modifications. then in the process, it gives me a HTTP:/ 1.1 403 error...

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    Repo error I believe. Hmmm strange.ill check up on this

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    thank you.. please update me on what i have to do..

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    I had this problem a little while back. I tried installing remove launch daemons I believe is what it was. You need to remove any apps that are the same or similar to what's listed in the que list. My problem was it wanted an app from a specific repo not the one I had installed. Cydia stopped the install cause it was modifying another packages files.

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    Unhappy Same Problem
    I'm having the same issue as the original poster.

    Strangely, I've had this problem on every firmware version since 3.1.3, so I don't believe it's related to 4.3.3 unless the problem is simply that Barrel is always out of date.

    Barrel installs and functions properly the first time I use it typically, but eventually becomes corrupted(?) somehow and stops functioning properly.

    Most recently, I bought and iPhone4 (at 4.3.2), jailbroke using redsn0w, installed all my apps, including Barrel and it worked fine for a couple days. Then I started moving icons around on the springboard and it stopped functioning properly.

    Now I can't figure out how to make Barrel work properly under any circumstance. I've tried uninstalling apps, tweaks, etc that I suspected may be causing conflicts, but no luck. Then I did a fresh install of 4.3.3, jailbroke, installed and ran iWipe, and reinstalled all apps, but this time Barrel is not functioning properly from the start.

    Barrel would be an awesome app if it worked, but it's not doing anything but eating up Settings real estate at the moment. I hope someone is able to figure this out, and if I can help in any way I would be glad to. Just be warned I'm a user, not a dev.

    Any thoughts, suggestions, criticism are welcome. I just want to get this figured out because I hate that my girlfriend's Droid Incredible can do something my iPhone4 can't.



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    I really don't know what to say except I have never had the problems you guys are talking about with barrel. It works fine no issues at all here I've had it installed for along time. Im on 4.2.1 and have alot of tweaks but really don't theme. No winterboard ,dreamboard, or pph+ just stuff like iconoclasm and springtomize. I have dreamboard and perpagehtml+ installed but have their ms extension disabled. Wasted money on both but to each their own.

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    I wonder if it has something to do with Winterboard. Barrel was the first thing I installed after I upgraded and rejailbroke because I never had it working and wanted to see. It worked just fine, then I used aptbackup to restore all my previous cydia tweaks and now its broken again.

    I'll give it a shot.

    Edit: Nope, wasn't winterboard.
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    I'm on 4.2.1 and also have this problem,
    but only after I download or update an app from the AppStore. Then the transitions don't work properly anymore. After I respring or completely shutdown the iPhone it works again.

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    i solved the problem. uninstall "Barrel" app, then install the "Barrel 2" app. it works perfectly on 4.3.3.

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    Installed Barrel 2, but still have the bug whenever I install or update an app from app store.
    So Barrel 2 didn't fix it, but I like

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