I currently have many different map files with different zoom levels stored in xGPS's map database folder. For example zoom 15-6 for Thailand, zooms 0-8 for cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya.

I started a simple shell script (currently without error checking) to test using .txt files rather than the .db map files.
#! /bin/sh

Current_Map=$(cat ./Current_map.txt)

mv -T "/var/mobile/Media/xGPS Map Folder/xGPS_map.txt" "/var/mobile/Media/xGPS Map Folder/"$Current_Map"xGPS_map.txt"
mv -T "/var/mobile/Media/xGPS Map Folder/"$New_Map"xGPS_map.txt" "/var/mobile/Media/xGPS Map Folder/xGPS_map.txt"

echo $New_Map >./Current_map.txt
My goal is to link separate shell scripts to icons, so I could have a folder and pick icons to select a new current map (and possibly start xGPS after?).

The searches I've looked for so far have not work. Currently I just use Terminal (or iFile would work good). Any help would be appreciated.