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Thread: I strongly recommend you NOT to buy iBlacklist !

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    Thumbs down I strongly recommend you NOT to buy iBlacklist !
    Hey guys,

    As you can see, this post is the first I ever made in these forums, so you may imagine how this matter bugs me.

    I just had to get a replacement for my iPhone 4 and wanted to activate my previously purchased iBlacklist license but they won't let me to.
    For you to better understand the issue, I will quote the whole conversation between me and the customer "support" of iBlacklist below.
    I only removed my device ID. Everything else has not been touched.

    As a developer myself (of the battery tool PowerAlerter) I can't understand, how one can be so unfriendly to their own customers.

    -----Mensagem original-----
    De: Stefan Möllenkamp [mailto:[email protected]]
    Enviada em: sexta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2010 06:34
    Para: [email protected]
    Assunto: Cydia/APT(A): iBlacklist (4.2-1)

    Hey guys,

    I got a new Phone and wanted to activate iBlacklist that I purchased through but it says license would be invalid.
    Please help.


    iPhone3,1-4.1: ##########################

    Sent from my iPhone
    On Dec 17, 2010, at 11:21 AM, Support iBlacklist wrote:

    Hi Stefan

    We have a license transfer program to new devices.
    Please access the following link:

    iDevMobile - iBlackList

    It´s required to inform your previous device register key, and also your new
    device register key.

    This is your old register key: xxx

    The new one is found in iBlacklist, by pressing register on top left.

    After completing the transfer payment, you can simply open iBlacklist, press
    Register and then press Download to reactivate the app on your new device.
    If you have any further question related to device licensing, please contact
    [email protected]

    iBlacklist Team
    De: Stefan Möllenkamp [mailto:[email protected]]
    Enviada em: sexta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2010 09:40
    Para: Support iBlacklist; [email protected]
    Assunto: Re: RES: Cydia/APT(A): iBlacklist (4.2-1)

    Yes, I do have further questions.
    This page shows me an interface, stating that - if I understand it correctly - I should pay 6 USD to get a new key by deactivating my old one.
    In summary, I will still have only one key on one device (what exactly is my current situation) for another 6 USD?
    This should be free of charge.
    I did pay for my license and want to use it as advertised by you. Let me quote you:

    About the license replacement, i strongly recommend you to install
    iBlacklist from rockapp, and purchase a license from rockapp or
    Rock Your Phone
    Rock Licenses can be transferred to new devices whenever you might need,
    since these licenses are based on your rockID login. So, if you change the
    device and login with the same rockID on that new device, rock will
    recognize all your old licenses and move them to your new device.


    This was your saying after I asked if I would've to purchase again. You said I would not have to.
    Now you tell me, you were just kidding?

    Really, I do like your app.
    And I do understand that you want to limit the use of a license to one device.
    I am okay with it (even if I more support the Cydia Store approach - also with my own app I pushed onto the Cydia platform), but then do give me the possibility to swap devices without re-purchasing it.
    This exact fact - you assuring me of the possibility to not be required of re-purchasing - was the reason I decided to support you and purchase iBlacklist.
    So please hold your word.

    On Dec 17, 2010, at 12:49 PM, Support iBlacklist wrote:

    Hi Stefan

    That´s a rock license handler. Is rock alive?
    No, rock closed their doors, and that was a huge problem to everyone, including us.
    Our license handler is different.
    At the time we instructed you to do to rockapp, we have no clue about what were they thinking.
    Also, let me ask something. Did you first bought mywi app for 9.99?
    If yes, you must be surprised about how they made everybody buy it again for 19.99 just because it was an update.
    I did buy it at first, and i also purchased their update. Why? Because the application is good. Money is not a problem when your skin gets saved by something.
    The iBlacklist license is based on the device serial number.
    That´s why you can always restore or update your device firmware and still reuse the same activation key.
    Your serial number never change, and so your keys.
    We understand that registered devices must always run iBlacklist unlocked, no matter what version they have or what firmware they are using.
    For this reason, we never charge for any software update. Updates are oftenly pushed to give support to newer firmwares and bring more functions and they are always free of charge for registered devices. Their volume is much higher then how many times you will change devices, so charge for updates is not the best choice for the end user.
    Software companies may not chrage you if you change your pc, as na example, but they do charge you for software updates. Or did you got a free windows 7 pro edition just becuase you bought windows xp, or a free office 2010 because you bought the 2008 version? Not trying to compare our company to any giant, but at the end, we all do softwares and support changes made in the hardware and operating systems.
    Would you be happy if we ask users to pay update fees everytime apple releases a firmware update that breaks how the application works?
    We never going to do that.
    If you change your device, the old key will not work and you need to register that new device to run iBlacklist unlocked. Without this license transfer program, the full registration should be done for this new device.
    The program was created to give registered device´s a way to move the registration to new ones with a 50% off price.

    iBlacklist Support
    De: Stefan Möllenkamp [mailto:[email protected]]
    Enviada em: sexta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2010 10:13
    Para: Support iBlacklist
    Assunto: Re: RES: RES: Cydia/APT(A): iBlacklist (4.2-1)

    You must really be kidding me.
    I DID purchase the software, so I should be able to USE it!
    To refer to your example:
    When I buy Windows XP / Mac OS X 10.5 / MS Office or ANY other software, I remain able to use it, when I trash my computer and buy a new one.
    I buy iLife 09, I am still able to use it on a new machine even if iLife 10 is out.
    You tell me "Oh, you had to change your iPhone to a new one? Well thats your problem, please pay again for some piece of software you already bought."
    If my Device has to go to Apple service to be replaced, lets say 10 times, I should pay you 10 * 6 = 60 bucks for nothing but the generous possibility to use software I already paid for?

    There is a reason to why every major software publisher charges their user for a major relase: it is the ONLY way to provide both, customers and developers, with a fair way to benefit from it.
    Users are able to use the software as long as they want to and the way they want to after they purchased it.
    Developers are paid for their working on a new major release.
    If the user feels like he wants the new features, he buys the upgrade, if not he continues to use the previous release.

    The way you try to suck out your own customers is the reason why there are so many software pirates out there.

    I hope you find a solution to my case soon, that won't require me to pay another time and I hope you change the way you look at the whole matter.
    At the moment, I am disappointed that I bought your software in the first place. Think about if this is the way you want to treat the people that support you and purchase instead of pirating the software.
    I should've listen to this guy here DANGER: Don't use your iPhone warranty if you have iBlacklist instead of you assuring me I wont have to purchase again.

    On Dec 17, 2010, at 1:29 PM, Support iBlacklist wrote:

    So, did your leopard machine got snow leopard for free for any new ilife version you might have had for free?
    I don´t think so.
    I won´t argue on this anymore.

    iBlacklist Support
    De: Stefan Möllenkamp [mailto:[email protected]]
    Enviada em: sexta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2010 10:32
    Para: Support iBlacklist
    Assunto: Re: RES: RES: RES: Cydia/APT(A): iBlacklist (4.2-1)

    Then give me a refund so I can put an end to this.
    I already uninstalled the software.
    You guys really suck.

    I am happy to share this whole conversation with all other people.
    Thank you for nothing.
    On Dec 17, 2010, at 1:37 PM, Support iBlacklist wrote:

    Please share wherever you want. Just make sure to share it as it is, and not edit things.

    PS: Of course they did not give me a refund
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    This is exactly the reason I didn't buy iblacklist a few weeks ago... Ive sworn off any app made by a dev that handles their own device transfer, since I change phones at least once a year... It's too much of a hassle. Any good alternatives? I couldnt find any before so I'm just going without.

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    I'm having the same problem with iBlacklist. I bought a license a couple of weeks back & the program was running well. However, I had to replace my old iphone & wanted to reactivate iBlacklist with my new iPhone but it can't be re-activated.

    iBlacklist is a nice app but its re-activation sucks. I hope the developers of this app should realize that they'll lose customers if they continue to be greedy.

    I recommend the same, people should not buy this app, iBlacklist.
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    I hate to say this, but it is things like this, Ubisoft, and other such DRM that the company/person takes your cash then doesn't let you use the software that drives people to versions that are not so legit.

    Better customer service, and helping the customer, not only lets you keep the customer but get more... other wise they end up losing alot more in the long run. I know I won't touch iBlacklist because of other things I've heard of them and poor customer support.

    And if anyone knows of a good replacement, do let everyone here know. I know I would be grateful for a replacement. Even if it has to be 2 or 3 different apps I have to link together, Phone block, SMS block, Call Log cleaner, etc..

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    Default I strongly recommend you NOT to buy iBlacklist !
    I think disappointed customers should convince cydia or saurik not to host such app. your thoughts?

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    I'm rather mixed on that... If apps are removed because of a greed, in a sense Cydia would become no better then Apple's app store. As much as I would like to see the creators of iBlacklist change, changing Cydia how Cydia does hosting would not be a good way of doing it.

    Though if we can get a rating system into Cydia, that would probably do much more pressure upon iBlacklist, then being "removed" as they would goto their own repo, and then how open Cydia is to developers would go down.

    The rating system will also help "warn" off people of problems other customers have had with all the apps, instead of having to forum surf to find the information.

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    Wow, I'm amazed at how poorly the iBlacklist guys handled this one.

    I agree with a rating system within Cydia that also allows for user comments, AppStore-style. There are a number of non-JB apps I have decided not to buy based on reviews.

    I also like the trial-and-purchase system. I think it's only fair users get a feel for an app they are interested in buying. Especially with Cydia apps, where we have to research the net to find info on apps.

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    Default Hiiiiii
    Whats up guys. i hear your pain. same thing happened to me today. i read the first guys post with the convo with sales. LOL. that is the dumbest thing ive ever heard. so i emailed those guys about how retarded they are being and informed them that i will be posting the following......

    Enabling Piracy talk is not allowed.
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    You've got to be kidding me.

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    well sounds serious

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    Default Thanks!
    I was just about to buy iBlacklist, but based on this conversation, I think I'll pass!

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    Think I'll pass too! Very unprofessional of them

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    I was also just about to purchase iBlacklist, but I will not now... Poor customer service is not something I can stand for.
    Are there any similar products available?

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    I don't know what the current status of iBlacklist support is, but I would recommend keeping in mind that this thread was started a long time ago (December 2010) and things may have improved since then.

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    Thanks for ur info

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    Quote Originally Posted by z3r01 View Post
    well sounds serious
    quite serious, nobody can stand with it!
    I can't stop laughing!

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    I'm having the same experience.
    Any other apps that do the same thing, but with better dev?

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    Hi, a quick search in Cydia with the term "Block" shows two possible alternatives
    Call Blocker and SMSNinja

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    Quote Originally Posted by DC_Dave View Post
    Hi, a quick search in Cydia with the term "Block" shows two possible alternatives
    Call Blocker and SMSNinja
    Many thanks. SMSNinja works great, and it is free.

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    I too had the same problem with iBlacklist.

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