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Thread: [Guide] Duplicate Applications (advanced)

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    Cool [Guide] Duplicate Applications (advanced)
    App Duplication!
    For any reason you want to duplicate any application on your ipod there are two methods to this.

    first, the dirty already known method

    1. find the app you want to copy, and copy it. any name will do

    2. look in your new app's folder, open up the info.plist

    look for the following

    and change it to
    or something like that

    then look for
    and change it to
    or something like that

    this method essentially makes a new game or whatever app, not very useful if you are looking for a "shortcup" type of thing as the progress and info in one app isnt saved for the other, which is what themers would look for.

    also the above method hasnt worked for me on any of the default apps or apps in the /Applications/ folder, mainly just games

    however it is possible to make a "shortcut app", where everything is saved no matter how many duplicates for each app, we have the technology.

    i will be doing this with cydia

    1. get this: iPhone Folders
    2. open up your ipod with it (look in 'my computer') and go to the /Applications/ folder
    3. make a new folder called Cydia2
    4. in that folder right click -> new -> new link
    then browse to /Applications/ then do english.lproj as i did

    be sure to not symlink the info.plist

    5. now, you can do this for all the files if u want, but i only did all the folder directories and anything else thats not a .png
    6. all the pngs in that i didnt symlink i simply copied over, as they probably wont ever change
    7. now copy the info.plist into the the cydia2 directory and do the first steps in this post with the changing of the identifier and name
    very important ^^^

    these are the two directorys on my ipod, you can see how mostly everything in cydia2 is symlinked to the first cydia, practically making them one, but with two different springboard shortcuts

    i just did this and i have two cydias now on my ipod

    to make more copies, much easier the second time
    1. copy the cydia2 directory, rename it
    2. make new CFBundleIdentifier and CFBundleName keys in the info.plist


    note: the apps in var/stash.something have a unique directory i believe, so i wouldnt publicly distribute symlinked apps from there with ur own personal directory, idk theyrs probly a way around it IDK. the above method should still work on personal level

    let me know if u try this ur results, i only did this once with cydia just now so yeh

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    wuts happening wrong? ive done this a bunch of times now, and theres so many things that can go wrong =P

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    It opens but then closes before fully loading.

    If you managed to duplicate it, could you post the folder as a .zip?

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    ahh the thing is i dont have a iphone.. could u send me the contents of from the /Applications/ folder in a zip? then i can give it a go

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    Here, and could post the, I deleted mine by accident.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    umm ok two things, which language is ur default language? (there was nothing in english.lproj) and wheres the coderesources file in _CodeSignature??

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    OK, i followed the steps, not that to follow, but could be clearer. at first i made the duplicate for but didnt know if it had to be named so i fiddled with the names but no good results appeared. idk why i cant see the app. what am i doing wrong and btw is there a cause i would like to replicate that one too.

    I got it to show in the springboard but when I open it, it just closes instantly. Why is this??
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    Default Works great!
    Just did it for the calendar and it worked perfectly.
    I used SFTP and SSH to do it, but the overall instructions were the same.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Real quick question.. Successfully duped the weather app using first method, but the second app whenever I respring reverts back to default city location..

    How can I fix this? Tried adding my city into default location.plist and couldn't get it to work

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    i am not sure, probably something with the default plist? idk play around with various plists and such.

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    by default plist do you mean defaultlocations.plist or info.plist.

    I deleted my duplicate app and created a new one via a symbolic link like stated. Everything is linked to the original weather app EXCEPT info.plist which i went in and changed to weather01.

    The app shows up on springboard, opens and functions correctly, yet still loads with default locations that are not the ones saved in the original If i try to save my own locations, after a respring it is back at default locations.

    What the hell am i doing wrong? Is the saved data saved somewhere else?

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    Uhmm I have no clue I have never tried to copy weather, just keep playing around with different things u will figure it out. Normally I would say google is ur friend but something like this I guess ur gonna hafta figure it out

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    Just wondering if anyone has tried this on 4.0 or 4.1 iphone 4? I need to duplicate a free game app. (account purposes and annoying sibling)

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    it should still work, same principle. if ur duplicating a game you can just copypasta and do the info.plist info

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    Smile Cant find iphone folder anymore
    Can you direct me how to find iphone folder in cydia? its not appearing Thanks

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    Its a windows program, if u want to just do it on the ipod u can use iFile

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