Well, I have a dream, and the dream is to download mp3's via my iPhone and then seamlessly load up the iPod app and listen to the music downloaded. It seems like this is impossible atm.

I heard mewseek and pwnplayer AND iSlsk can download songs and then sync them to your music library but there's one problem. NONE of them work with the 3.0 firmware.

I tried looking for something else but all I could find was dTunes which apparently synced the songs to your music library (the fooking article lied? dTunes: Download media on the iPhone (Cydia App) – Video Review | iPhone Help !) but unless there's an add-on or I missed a button in dTunes I couldn't get it to sync.

So please tell me there's an alternative to sync downloaded songs with the iPod music library without SSH or iTunes or other crap like that. A simple script would do or whatever. And it's possible! Since the programs listed above did it, they're just not being updated anymore...