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Thread: Help installing apps.

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    Default Help installing apps.
    I have a 3G iPhone 2.2 that has been jailbroken.

    I have some .app applications that I want to put on the phone.

    I have installed OpenSSH and WinSCP and can connect to the phone.

    I have copied the folder to /Applications, however I get an error when trying to set the permissions to 0755

    If I try to set the permissions using Terminal on the phone, i.e. chmod 0755 "" I get the error message kill.

    Also the app doesn't show up on the springboard, even after resetting the phone.

    Any ideas guys?


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    have u paid for them??
    if not thread closed as u are talking illegal warez
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    They are free ones that were installed on my 1.1.4 using installer 3 which are no longer available using the new installer 4.

    I copied them off before upgrading and now want to put them back.

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    I think it's like that not every app that was working on the 1.1.4 is ported to work on the 2.x firmware. So they must probably be ported for the 2.x first, otherwise they won't work.
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    1.1.4 (or below) apps will NOT WORK on 2.0 (or above).

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    As poseidon said, it's just not gonna work. You best bet is to look on Cydia to get the updated versions. Tons of them have moved to the official appstore with the alure of $$$ If there are apps that you HAVE to have I would consider paying for them on the appstore, help out the devs. Most of them are under 5 bucks (a great number just a dollar)
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    One particular one I wanted which on the appstore version isn't as good was a torch (flashlight) app. The one I used to have was really bright but the flashlight from the appstore isnt that bright. Is this available on cydia?

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