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Thread: Installation problem

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    Post Installation problem
    I read another post about putting games on their iphone & I guess I have the same question but im not talking about hacked games.

    What about the games listed on the "downloads" section of this site?
    Surely those are okay if mmi has been hosting them since jan/08 correct?

    Anyhow, I tried putting bejeweled & TTR (guitar hero) on my phone via winscp, but when I start the game I can see the games background screen then it goes back to my home screen.
    I guess the game crashes.

    These games were not "Installed" they were dragged & dropped into the "private/var/stash/Applications.wKbF8D." folder.

    Apparently I did something wrong but I can't figure out what.
    I tried to contact the author or uploader but never got a response.

    Can someone help?


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    You need to make sure you set the permissions for those apps to 775 after you toss them onto the iphone.

    If the permissions arent set, the phone doesnt have read access to them.....hence they will crash.

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    Well I thought that myself but I checked and they're set 0775.
    I checked another program that was properly "installed" and that one had 0775 set.

    If that sounds about right what should I look at next?

    Thanks for the speedy reply

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    Are they games for 2.x or games for 1.1.x? What firmware are you using? Make sure the games are compatible with your firmware.

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    webapps? thread moved

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    Web app? Ummm... that's what the author called it in the description.

    Quote, "This is the famous Bejeweled game. It is a and I love it! I thought I would share it with everyone."

    I thought web apps used safari to work but I wasn't sure, this is why I'm asking because I don't know the difference and was hoping maybe someone could help me understand what I may or may not be doing wrong.

    I have no idea what firmware the apps are made for, the author didn't specify & hasn't returned my PM.
    I searched & tried contacting the author before posting this thread but my results came up empty.

    I'm running 2.1, I figured that since they were downloaded over 10,000 times, maybe someone else had my problem & wouldn't mind tell me the secret to make it work.
    Like what folder it's installed in and what fw they're using.

    I really appreciate the advice thus far but I'd love to hear the input of users that have a working install of this app.

    Thanks so much for your help.

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