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Thread: FindMyI - New stolen phone tracker.

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    Default FindMyI - New stolen phone tracker.
    Anyone tried this?

    I have downloaded but cannot use as it only works in the northern hemisphere at this stage.

    I see you only have to pay once your phone is stolen and you want to track it, which is better than a yearly account fee.

    Currently I use iLocalis, anything that uses less battery has gotta be good!

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    I'm one of the developers, so yes I've tested it

    We've added multi-hemisphere support within an hour of the first release, but we are still waiting for BigBoss to release the update. He attempted to release an update about 12 hours ago, but sent the wrong version (from what I understand.)

    Yep, we decided to let you pay as you need it. If you just want a general location of your family, it's free. If you just want a feeling of security, in case you need it, it's free. $2 a month is worth it to me, since I always forget where I leave my phone (work, car, home, etc). Apple's warranty covers almost everything but water damage and lost phones. $2 a month, for a $600+ device, is worth it to me.

    We are working on a whole slew of features, and we hope to be pumping them out day by day.

    And yes, it does save battery life dramatically, especially while you have possession of it.
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    I installed it and registered through the app but everytime I try to log on it crashes? Any ideas?
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    Can't seem to load the homepage correctly or log into account

    I get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: stripos() in /homepages/15/d214481883/htdocs/findmyi/account.php on line 2

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    Hi Danpaintballer, what is wrong with your website? I haven't been able to get in for days.... 500 Internal Server errors

    Can you please advise what is wrong, I think you at least owe that to subscribers.

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    I have a question dapaintballer.

    I have FindmyI installed on my phone.
    Can I choose to pay the $2 fee when the phone is not in my possession or do I need to activate it somehow?

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    I am the application developer for FindMyI. We have fixed all of our server issues by moving to new servers. Also, I am working on a totally new version that will fix many of the bugs we had in beta 1. And in response to question above. You can pay at any time, but normal tracking is free.

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    I just tried the findmyi and after starting the tracking the phone becomes disabled. Trying to get back on the website is near impossible. I think this software was released before the it was ready. Please beware! I now have to keep trying to get through to the server to release my phone.

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    Default Website issues resolved
    First off, the application does NOT disable your phone unless you set it to do so. Also, all the website issues have been resolved and the site is not working at a decent speed.
    We are also in the process of re coding everything, and adding features. Soon FindMyI will be completely new, with bigger and better features.

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    Default Question
    I just paid for the monthly subscription to check the accuracy. I am at work with my phone and when I click to track it, it shows my phone at my home address. Could you please tell me why it does this? I have the GPS on my phone turned on. Everything else is great about this program!! Great job!


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    Is Findmyi better then iLocalis? I really dunno which one I should try?

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    Default Accuracy
    Aljama great app. works seamlessly Quick question...I am assuming it is getting the GPS coordinates and sending them to your site so that we can track the phone. Is it possible that it goes way off once in a while if it doesn't get a good triangulation? Like 4-5 miles off...or should I assume that is where my i traveled? And yes I am tracking an employee, but don't want to raise an alarm until I am 100% sure.

    Also is there any way to get the address locations of the Blue dots? where the i has been? Currently you can only seem to get the address of the pink dot by clicking on driving directions.


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    hello peoples, have any one experienced problem loading the program?

    I have a iPhone 3G 3.0.1, I installed findmyi 2.2b from cydia. I rebooted the iphone as instructed after the install. (press return cydia, then pressed home and then rebooted)

    I took a screenshot of the install log.

    After installing and rebooting, i get to the registration page but then the program exits after maybe 7 seconds.

    I've tried reinstalling, removing, installing, same symptoms, would any one have an idea?


    Update - I was able to register by turning airplane mode off. I am not thinking today. I am going to put in the sim card and then re-open the program
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    Default Findmyi app does not work =(
    I was very unhappy with the tracking service. I feel it was a waste of money.

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    does no one worry at all about these people being able to track and have location info on everyone that registers? Especially if its a paid for service shouldn't the tracking info be accessed only by the subscriber adn not the program designer? and if my location can be accessed, whats stopping anyone for dropping a bug with anyone of these apps that allows access to your phone memory over the network. Damn, I'm untrusting.


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    this is great thanks. ill be keeping it on my phone until i loose it, then id pay a sub to get it back thanks for this. piece of mind
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    Hello! I need help. I lost my phone, and findmyi found it perfectly... But now its locked. I dont know what I did to make it do that, but I put my password in, it unlocks, then 2 minutes later it locks back up- even if I'm making a phone call!
    What do I do?

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