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Thread: Invisable icons on iphone home screen

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    Default Invisable icons on iphone home screen
    I hope someone can help with this.

    After i install any apps from either cydia or app store, i get invisable icons on my home screen up to 3 icons.
    The only way i know they are invisable when i press down on a icon for a few seconds.

    Does anyone know why this happens and how i can stop this.

    its starting to annoying me.

    Please help

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    sounds like you have a package installed that came with the package. invisible icons are usually the result of installing the when you install another application you tend to see the blank spots they leave. i know this is gonna be a pain but maybe if you can list some of the apps you have installed from cydia so we can see what apps or mods may have installed these (if indeed this is teh issue
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    the apps i installed from cydia:
    - say who
    - docs
    - im+lite
    - mxtube
    - swirlymms
    - cycorder
    - toggle ssh
    - nemussync
    - offline maps
    - winterboard
    - aptbackup

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    You probably install a theme for winterboard that need blank icons to see your wallpaper or have a bigger clock etc..,you place this icons in specific places,depends of the Theme.
    just uninstall those themes.

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    yeah. sorry about all the hassle but see if you can post the themes you have so we can take a look at that too. i still have blank icons but i just moved them to thier own page on the springboard.
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    i have the same problem. i think it's the theme from the Blackberry Impression. Mine just keeps growing blank spaces/icons and it's really annoying me because there are 2 pages full of it now. I have already uninstalled the theme, but the blank spaces are still there. Before the blackberry Impression theme was updated it was bookmarks and i used this form to get rid of them.

    the same method does not work...

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    Sorry To bump and old Post, but i am having trouble figuring this out, i have the same problem with the ghost icons from when i installed Perfect Storm theme in winterboard, anytime i respring 4 ghost icons apear. I SSH'ed and deleted everything in the thems folder, but they still remain.

    I researched as much as possible, but now that i am stationed in korea im having trouble searching the internet.

    appreciate the help!

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