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Thread: iphone problem after unlocking

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    Default iphone problem after unlocking
    Hi all,

    first of all great forum, i have been squatting here for a while now.

    I got a problem with my iphone, i unlocked it using this application in windows and i can make and recieve calls with my orange uk sim card but i cant get onto the internet or use the mail?? any ideas how i can access the internet and check my mail ? i dont want to be putting back in the at&t chip all the time as i will end up damaging it. I am using my orange chip as i am studying in the uk. all help appreciated thanks

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    make sure the phone is at 1.0.2 and i dont know about orange its not on the iphone :-/ to begin with is it? so i dont think there is special places like it have for tmobile so tbh i dont really know

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    well, does ur Orange UK Sim Card have a data plan. That could be the problem, the same occurs with "some" of the sprint sims.

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    I take it all you guys have unlocked your iPhone with this software? Just making sure it is legit and works.

    As far as the Internet and mail goes, you have to manually input your server info for your carriers GPRS settings, it is automatically installed on your phone but not your iPhone as that software is not implemented into the iPhone.

    Same thing i have to do with my T-Mobile MDA

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    I'd be careful...this dude just registered and just posted for the first time today. Until there are more confirmations, I'd stay away.

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    i was thinking the same carefull

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    When you click on buy now it says:

    "Closed untill backlog is dealt with. Please bear with us we have sold over 1000 software kits in the past 24 hours."

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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    OK don't know if it's legit or not, but I've just had a very talented friend do the full crack the case process and I can confirm that on an orange UK sim, all phone and text messaging works, but the little bugger won't connect to gprs/edge even with orange's APN's...

    Definitely got a data plan on the SIM too...

    If anyone's got any bright ideas I'd be very very grateful!

    You may need a pda data plan.

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