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Thread: New iPhone and NES - Terrible performance

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    Default New iPhone and NES - Terrible performance
    Hey all,
    new to the forums and the world of the iPhone. Just got mine about a week ago and just jailbroke last night. NES was one of the first things I tried out after my jailbreaking. All three mario's and the first zelda are the games I've been using to check it out and I am getting terrible performance. I've been hearing about NES since the first iPhone so I know this can't be normal or else it wouldn't have the reputation that it does.

    I noticed from another thread that NES was just updated last night. Having just jailbroken I didn't realize it was updated the same day. Lots of people are reporting crashing after this update. I haven't been experiencing any crashes, just very poor audio syncing and very sluggish gameplay.

    Do I just need to wait out the next update to NES or could something else be going on here?

    I also have SCUMMVM running Monkey Island 2 flawlessly, so it sounds to me like there are issues with this latest release of NES, but I just wanted to make sure being new to all of this.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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    NES emu on the iPhone has always had bad performance...I've been following this app since Oct. of last year and it's been the same performance wise. The SNES app runs better than it.

    Kind of embarrassing to show this emu running like crap on my iPhone, compared to their Win Mo. phones running it flawlessly.

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    Interesting. I never saw it in action until I put it on my phone. I don't see the point then. There's the novelty but that has already worn off. I'll probably delete it then.

    I didn't know about the SNES emu. Is that from pre 2.0? Is it being ported over?

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    Yeah pre 2.0.....I do hope it gets ported over. SNES had some of the best games ever!

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    hi was just wondering if anyone else has a lot of glitches on zelda link to the past 4 snes4iphone like its pitch black as soon as you leave your house and vanishing when walking through the first castle.
    any solutions please help

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