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Thread: Your Highest Score in Tetris - Tris

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    Default Your Highest Score in Tetris - Tris
    Just got 109,000 and level 90 something in Tris.
    Anyone else here totally addicted to it? ;-)

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    16,039 is my highest. I was addicted to it for some time, but then became addicted to Trism, and now playing THTouch quite a bit in anticipation for the App Store.

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    19805 is my highest score... though i must say i'm addicted to it... it's never boring.. ^^

    me if you think i help you.. ^^

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    14000 here, but that is like my 4th try
    wow, your extreme to get at level 90
    it cant increase exponentially if you go that high, itld be inhuman

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    i got 75567 yesterday, and was super excited. then i read your post.

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    Cool iphone tris high score
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    3 million spmething started level 0 to 15 i was addicted but at level 13 to 15 its fasst anf after i did level 15 with 60 lines i goy burnt out haha

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    Hey guys !
    Just wanted to tell you that i'm a huge fan of Tris on the iphone ! It's been like a madness since i discovered this game ! Cant sleep without my 2 hours of Tris

    Well tonight i just made 214'770 points and i was searching the web to see if this highscore had already been beaten...

    Cheers from Switzerland!

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    Default Tris High Score
    I got 330,000

    Just curious where i stand?? Anyone else get that?

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    Default 588,153 Points
    i dont think ive seen anyone higher than mine. if you do let me know.

    got it the day before christmas

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    has nothing to do with high scoring, but where can i get Tris from o_o

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    Default tris
    the app store removed it... i think cuz it was too much like tetris :/

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    i made an account just to post this

    ugh i was screaming though when i died at 948,199. i was SO angry. i wanted to see what 1,000,000 looks like.

    EDIT: btw moderators, to some this may look like necroposting, but this is the first link to when you google "Tris highscores", so don't lock this please!

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    tris doesnt seem to work in new 3.0 firmware. does anyone have a work around ?

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    It seems to work for me

    BTW I managed to break 1 million, however in the "high score" screen it doesn't display all 7 digits properly haha so i think my score was like 1,130,000 or something around that.

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    I love Tris. Today i've mailed the developer if he could put it back in cydia/cydia store.

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    Proof of my record breaking scores (as far as I know)
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    1,023,262 and counting

    Have it on my iphone 5. Had originally on iphone 1 and moved the game between subsequent iphone versions. I think I am #1 in the world right now...-img_0110.png

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