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Thread: MyWi vs. TetherMe APN Settings

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    Default MyWi vs. TetherMe APN Settings
    Good Morning Guys -

    I bought a MyWi license about 3 years ago and absolutely loved the app when it worked! The #1 feature by far for me was being able to use OnDemand to tether my iPad 3 to my iPhone 4s automatically.

    A few months ago, I started to receive warnings about tethering from AT&T. After a bit of research, I had to uninstall MyWi and purchase/install TetherMe due to it's APN settings which would allow stealth tether. It works great, but doesn't have the OnDemand feature.

    Now that it's almost a year later and IOS 6 / MyWi6 has come out, has anything changed - or - is there a way to use MyWi with the stealth / APN setttings of TetherMe?

    I found a package on Cydia which shows the APN settings in Settings so with TetherMe installed, I took screenshots of the settings, uninstalled TetherMe, installed MyWi 6, then compared and they were the same.

    I guess the basic question is is it possible to have both stealth tethering & OnDemand?


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    Here's what I do. I got the same warning last year, months after I think I used TetherMe once to download a total of about 300mb. So I have learned to use the iphone directly to do all my downloading, and with the unlimited AT&T data plan I manage to download at least 60GB on my iPhone 4S every month. The first day of the cycle has a few hours that are not throttled, the rest of the time download speeds are around 30kBs. So all this talk on here in other threads, of not going crazy downloading, is crazy--the detection must be different. Also the detection can not be browser user agent based, as I have faked that all the time too. So either they are reading packets seeing they have forwarding info or they are just trying to scare people. I'd go with the first option. So from reading what people have said in here, I think you have a good chance of being safe if you stay under 3GB for the month. If you get caught, deny, deny, deny, then tell AT&T you will update your phone and keep track of it at all times--then really stop tethering. Not saying you'll be safe tethering, but AT&T is rather forgiving to long term customers IMHO. Using SSH and VNC, with the iPhone's default route set up to use 3/4G as default instead of wifi could be another option that can not be detected.

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    Hi, BluSelect 5.0+ is a useful SBSettings tweak to quickly tether your iPad to your iPhone over Bluetooth. Also YFiSelect 5.0+ does the same for your Personal Hotspot. Apple App Store app Onavo Protect sets up a VPN for your iPhone should you want to hide your Internet traffic in public hotspots etc.
    You might also find SBSettings Tethering Toggle and SBSettings VPN toggle on your iPhone speed up the tethering process.

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