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Thread: MyWi - multiple random clients connecting despite WEP password

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    Default MyWi - multiple random clients connecting despite WEP password
    I've got MyWi v5.5 installed on an iPad 1 running iOS 5.01. When I enable the WiFi hotspot (with alert on connect on), I typically hear a bunch of random people connecting to MyWi and given IP addresses despite having a WEP password specified. Often this happens whilst I am unable to see my hotspot (from a Macbook Air). What is going on here?

    Also, does Bluetooth tethering actually work without having to purchase MyWi OnDemand? This is advertised as part of the application, so it should work without having to pay extra.


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    I'm using MyWi on my iPhone and the blue tethering bar that shows up keeps increasing the amount of connections but I still only have 1 device connected. I still haven't resolved this problem after contacting Intelliborn.


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    I use mywi all the time and do not experience any of these issues.

    iph4s 5.1.1 mywi 5.5

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    Quote Originally Posted by King_O_Hill View Post
    I use mywi all the time and do not experience any of these issues.

    iph4s 5.1.1 mywi 5.5
    Only started recently for me. Can't explain it. tried the usual uninstall and reinstall.

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    It normally doesn't happen, but when I was experiencing it, I was in a hotel that was charging for wifi. I haven't experienced the problem since, but wondering if normally speaking the chance of random connections is low, but when in a hotel without free wifi, then it is likely to happen.


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    So Anyway ATT caught me tethering again!! I mean I lost my unlimited data earlier this year because of it. NOW they caught me again. I asked them how, I was not even tethering. Apparently they have some kind of way to detect if you have a tethering app installed!! I'm not sure I even believe them BUT I argued that it does NOT matter what apps I have on my phone it only matters if I use them and I did not! THen the next week they caught a friend of mine who still has the unlimited plan. He insists he has not tethered at all in months but has tetherme and MyWi on his phone. After LOTS of arguing he got the same info somehow they detected what was on his phone and he was able to keep his unlimited paln. Now just so you know he has never gone over even 2g of data in a month so its not like they are watching him because he uses a lot of data! Do you think this is really possible??

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