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Thread: iTether OnDemand vs. MyWi OnDemand

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    Question iTether OnDemand vs. MyWi OnDemand
    Hey All -

    I'm really sick and tired of waiting for MyWi to be updated for 5.0 so that OnDemand works. I've posted about it before, people have replied with the same results, and the developer won't return my messages.

    The Wifi AP still works, but I want to have the OnDemand function where my iPad will automatically tether to my iPhone 4s when out of WiFi range.

    I looked on Cydia today and found a $5 app named iTether /w OnDemand. It claimed to have the same features as MyWi as far as the OnDemand went. They also offer iBluever /w OnDemand (same company). The only thing is that I haven't ever heard anything about them.

    iTether OnDemand
    iBluever OnDemand

    If you search Cydia for "OnDemand", you'll get those two plus "OnDemand Tethering SUpport." The description says it uses both of the ones above, but no other details whatsoever. It is free, though, but doubt it would solely resolve my issue. I may have to have iBluever on my iPhone and iTether on my iPad.

    So... Does anyone know about iTether /w OnDemand and have any review on how it works?

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    I bought them last night. I had been using a cracked version of TetherMe, which did work under manual connections... Itether ondemand DOES NOT FUNCTION in any sort of "automatic" or "on demand" way.

    In short... TetherMe is a more functional item than MyWi right now... Itether is a waste of $5.

    That means I have now legally bought ALL the tethering programs (I had / have) a license for PDAnet too, and right now, I have to do everything manually and never know if it will connect via BT at all, no matter what method I'm attempting.

    Considering that MyWi is the most expensive of the bunch, I'm exceedingly annoyed that it is broken the worst right now. At least with TetherMe, I don't need to reboot my phone all the time.

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    Default Maybe we need to start complaining to....
    Modmyi. They are the repository for this non functioning app. Maybe intelliborn needs a kick in their pocketbook. This app, which is clearly not working, should not be allowed to be sold until it is fixed.

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    OnDemand sounds like a real battery drainer...
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