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Thread: MyWi OnDemand won't connect

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    Quote Originally Posted by vr6pwr View Post
    Bah... I give up. I've sent tons of emails with logs to the vendor and never got a reply.

    Good thing I always use PayPal for these kind of purchases.... Requesting a refund now.
    They're bad with support...
    I will no longer be very active here anymore due to a variety of reasons.

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    Then they should be bad with accepting money too. People don't like paying for products that are in BETA and don't work the way they are advertised.

    SIX FREAKING MONTHS this has been going on, and that is just with me.

    Maybe if more people pirated their crappy program, the reviews would spread across the internet and they would either find a fix or go out of business. This behavior is just unacceptable. H4CK3R, I'm surprised you'd say they have a working version to ANYONE, even just based on this thread. Your comment about them being bad at support... That is the understatement of the year.

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    Don't need to criticize me, I'm just saying that they suck with alot of that stuff. They used to be pretty good about it, their Twitter page was always buzzing, and then it just stopped. Give them a break, that's why it's called BETA because it's not a FULL VERSION.
    I will no longer be very active here anymore due to a variety of reasons.

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    People don't PAY for BETA versions. They pay for full WORKING versions. There is a distinct difference.

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    Yah and you ORIGINALLY payed for a full working version. Be happy they give beta versions at all, they don't have to do that.
    I will no longer be very active here anymore due to a variety of reasons.

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    The version that comes down through the normal Cydia channel (version 5.51.1) of ModMyI, was last updated on 5/29 of this year. I have just re-read through all the release notes on there...

    Where does it say that version is BETA? Where does it say that version might STILL be full of bugs, so they aren't going to charge for it?

    Where does it say that anyone who paid for a previous version (which includes all updates subsequent) is no longer allowed to get the updates, OR that accepting an update will remove the functionality until more money is paid?

    What basis do you say that this 5.51.1 version is BETA... Other than the complete failure of the program to do what it is stated to do?

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    Well, I'm just saying. It's not gonna be 'bug-free' as it seems Intelliborn is terrible with catching bugs. They don't charge for updates by the way, ever. I'm not going to argue over this, I don't even use MyWi anymore. Why don't you at least try fixing it? Reinstalling, etc.

    I know Intelliborn messes up on a lot of things. I know why you're angry, but just don't vent it out on me....
    I will no longer be very active here anymore due to a variety of reasons.

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