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Thread: 4.1 + MyWi 4.8.3 issue work-around

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    Default 4.1 + MyWi 4.8.3 issue work-around
    I have a 3G that I recently upgraded to 4.1 and jailbroke via limera1n. I then installed Cydia and then MyWi 4.8.3. However, I was having many of the same issues mentioned in these forums.

    But I seem to have found a possible work-around that works for me. Maybe I just got lucky?

    Here's what I did...

    1) I went into MyWi that was already installed, and first tried shortening my network name to "pjwifi". I also made sure WEP Security was turned off. I went to Advanced WiFi and switched to Channel 4 and DHCP network MyWi USB was turned Off. Display > In Use Indicator was set to "Tethering Bar".

    2) I then made sure I wasn't connected to any existing WiFi networks/hotspots - and I also used "forget this network" for my home network, so I wouldn't automatically connect.

    3) I reboot the phone and did not connect to any wifi networks after starting

    4) I went into Cydia then "removed" MyWi

    5) After removal, when prompted to "restart the springboard" - I didn't click the button. I just shut the phone off.

    6) Then I powered on the phone again, and went into Cydia and selected MyWi - and then installed it again. It did detect that I already paid for it.

    7) I went into MyWi and it did remember my above settings. I then turned on WiFi tethering, and whalla - I was connected to the 3G network and my WiFi was enabled.

    8) I then went to my Windows 7 notebook, and disconnected from my home wifi and connected to pjwifi (MyWi). And I was able to surf, and the status bars on the phone were showing correct bytes. Hurray!

    9) I then went to MyWi and turned WiFi Tethering OFF. It seemed to turn off and cleanup MyWi OK. However I noticed that my notebook was still showing connected to pjwifi, even though MyWi showed that WiFi Tethering was turned off. I even refreshed my local network wifi status and it still showed I was connected to pjwifi. However when I attempted to surf to the web on my notebook, I was obviously not connected and the wifi status on my notebook showed I was not connected to the internet (but I was connected to pjwifi).

    10) I tried disconnecting from pjwifi and reconnecting. I was still able to reconnect, even though MyWi Tethering was shut off on MyWi. But I was not able to connect to the Internet on my notebook.

    11) I then tried rebooting the phone. I fully expected not to be able to get online with MyWi Tethering again. But after rebooting and turning on MyWi WiFi Tethering, I was able to connect to pjwifi and get online again via MyWi! Hurrah!

    12) But the above issues persisted. In order to get online on MyWi via WiFi Tethering again, I have to cold start the phone. But at least I'm able to get online!

    Hope this helps someone else. Let me know what happens!

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    Thanks - this issue on 3G 4.1 has been fixed in 4.9.x (can install for now via adding source in cydia
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    Default 4.9.6 now crashing
    well, I updated to 4.9.6 and now I can't use mywi at all.

    what happens is - I turn on mywi and I see the main mywi screen display. but then without hitting anything on the screen, a couple seconds later the application crashes and I then see the springboard.

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and rebooting after each step. Still same problem.

    I have tried removing as a source and then reinstalling - I was hoping to somehow install the last public version at 4.8.3 but I can't seem to find a way to install an old or former release. It keeps finding 4.9.6.

    During one of the reinstalls it lost my registration and I was told I could start a trial - but then I was able to retrieve my license. But then mywi continues to crash.

    The above is on a 3G with 4.1 jailbroken with I believe with pwnage tool (it's been awhile I don't remember).

    I also have a 3GS 4.1 jailbroken with limera1n and running mywi 4.9.6 and that one seems to be running OK.

    BTW I also just tried resetting network settings and then rebooting, but same result. Crashes back to springboard.

    anyone know how to get a syslog for the developer? do I need to install a syslog program?

    anyone know how to get a syslog from an iphone? do I need to install a syslog program or is syslog already installed with cydia/etc?
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