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Thread: reverse tethering - enable Ipod Touch to use internet connection of 3g cell phone

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    Default reverse tethering - enable Ipod Touch to use internet connection of 3g cell phone
    First of all - Hi Everyone

    I have a Windows Mobile CDMA HTC Touch Vogue 3G cell phone with a bluetooth PAN profile. Unlimited data, and lots of calling features/minutes for only $30 month all in :-) Plus I am on contract for 2 more years - so an Iphone is out of the question.

    I can tether any computer to this cell phone via bluetooh PAN profile, and the computer can then share the cell phone's internet connection.

    My cell phone does NOT have WiFi hardware, so WiFi tethering solutions will never work. I don't want to add that awkward septec microUSB Wifi card to my cell phone, so I can not turn my 3G cell phone into a wifi hotspot.

    If MyWi simply enables bluetooth PAN profile with internet sharing, can it work in reverse? In other words, can I install MyWi on to my 3.1.2 3G Ipod touch, join a bluetooth PAN on my 3G cell phone, and thus have my Ipod Touch connected to the internet, via my cell phone's 3g connection?

    If not would this be an easy upgrade to add to WyWi?

    I am desperate for a solution like this - I may simply return my Touch if this is not possible, or will not become possible.

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    dammit, im wondering the same exact thing...

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    Me too!

    This is really frustrating since Apple's own KB Article: HT3647 states PAN support for the iPod Touch.

    Bob H

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    In it's current state MyWi is designed to search for your 3G connection on an iPhone only and share that via USB, bluhtooth, or WIFI. It's not meant to look for and accept incoming wireless connections. You will have to email the developer and ask him although since this is an extremely specialized function I doubt he will get the return on investment to re-write it. Good luck though as this would be pretty cool.

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    Reverse Tethering iPhone 3G/3Gs using USB

    Step 1: Set up internet tethering on your iPhone.

    Step 2: Plug you iPhone into your PC using the provided USB cable.

    Step 3: Go to Settings>General>Network>Internet Tethering and switch it to "On." Then it will prompt you for bluetooth or USB, select USB

    Step 4: Go to network connections and you should see your LAN connection and a new connection that says "Apple Mobile Device Ethernet." Simply highlight both connections, right click on one and select "Bridge."

    You will now be using your PC's internet connection on your iPhone! It works for Cydia App store, Facebook, Safari, ect ect.

    Note: After terminating the connection you must delete the bridge and make a new one when you re-connect.

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    how do you
    "Step 1: Set up internet tethering on your iPhone."

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