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Thread: MyWi Issues

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    I finally decided to buy this application and I have nothing but issues with this thing. Back when I used the trial it worked great. I have on 3.1.12 with an IPhone 3G. It will broadcast the SSID but will not pull a valid IP address and I have tried with about 4 different devices. Also I sometimes get a message saying there is a conflict error and to disable the rock extensions. I have tried to contact their support twice and have yet to hear back so not very good customer support in my opinion. If I don't hear back soon I'll just dispute the charge to get a refund.

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    What have you installed since you used the trial that the full version refuses to work with now?

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    I have the same software now as I did back when I had the trial and nothing new at all except the 3.1.12 OS.

    Does this place even offer support? I've sent 2 messages since Friday have have yet to hear anything.
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    Yes, "the place" does offer support. I had a few issues a while back and received email several times on them. Just because "something" triggers an exception of Rock Extensions doesn't mean it is Rock's fault. There are other installs that trigger such event, it's happened to me after updating or installing other apps or mobile substrate addons unrelated to Rock. Most times I do the requested "restart" from Safe Mode and then follow with a full reboot of the iPhone and it clears up.

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    I guess I'll give "the place" a few more days.

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    In the mean time, did you try removing, rebooting and reinstalling? Sometimes this clears up stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metaserph View Post
    In the mean time, did you try removing, rebooting and reinstalling? Sometimes this clears up stuff.
    Yes I have, I have tried everything except restoring my IPhone.

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    The app bohers me cuz when i turn it off, it won't go off and burns my battery super fast. Even hooked up to a charger the thing can make your phone die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hfinmyblood View Post
    The app bohers me cuz when i turn it off, it won't go off and burns my battery super fast. Even hooked up to a charger the thing can make your phone die.
    That's strange. I have used the app from the beginning and when I turn it off, stays off. Did any of you also install the tethering hack from Cydia? Just curious. Just trying to help until the cavalry arrives.

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    Yeah I'm having that issue also i was having some problems with my home internet and noticed my iPhone mywi tethering showed up in the wireless internet section and proceed to turn in off but the status bar isn't blue so i respring doesn't work , reinstall dosen't work, uninstall DOSEN"T work, REBOOT dosen't work, restore in the process it's hanging up at the END look
    it's been like that for over 15 minutes HELP........
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    Default First experience with MyWi
    Yesterday, I tried out MyWi for the first time.
    I had a solid 3G connection and the app created a WiFi network that delivered really good performance.
    I was running the app on my 3G iPhone and my iPad was a client on the network.

    The first issue is just the battery life. In an hour the battery went from about 90% to about 50%.
    If the developers could offer a lower power setting that would be good.

    The real problem is when I wanted to stop using the app.
    I went into the app and turned off the wifi tethering.

    At that point, my iPad could no longer get a connection, but seemed to be still seeing the network.
    40 minutes later I noticed that my iPhone battery life was continuing to take a nosedive.

    I also realized that I was not getting any email. The regular network connection on my phone was messed up in some way. So I rebooted the phone. Emails arrived and the battery life stabilised.

    So in my experience, the app is doing the job, it just is not shutting down and cleaning up properly.


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    That seems to be the case indeed; devices will stay connected even though MyWi has been turned off which results in a major drain on the iPhone battery.

    And in the case of my girlfriend, it drained her credit as she crossed over the border to a different country and got hit with mobile data roaming charges.

    I'd really like to see an update to this ASAP that makes sure it's off when it says it's off.

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    It needs a button that says "Quit".
    Or better still... "Take-off and nuke the site from orbit."


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    Part of the issue that MyWi uses ad-hoc networking instead of infrustructure. This make it difficult to shutdown a connection on both ends, since neither is "in charge". My work around is to disable/enable WiFi on my iPad after stopping MyWi. Since I began doing this, MyWi has been far more reliable.
    -from my iPad via MyWi

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    vie figured out what causes it to presist if you want a fix
    RESTORE uninstall will do nothing make sure you set up as n phone
    If you using tethering and you BOOT off your phone It will presist Even after unistall when u use this app make sure your phone is connected to a POWER SOURCE

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    hi, can anyone help me out here. i have the same issue...during trial version, all is working fine, but when i finally bought it, usb tether and hotspot not working. im on win 7, ios 5.0.1 and using mywi ver 5.50.9. i tried to get their online support but i cant find atleast any email add to talk to them. what's wrong with this app. apparently, after buying it and had difficulty connect my desktop pc to usb tethering, ive downloaded a free pdanet, and it work fine. i even got a serial for it and i got to work in full edition. please help me out. thanks

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