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Thread: Phone vibrates when receiving SMS even when set to not vibrate

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    Default Phone vibrates when receiving SMS even when set to not vibrate
    I've turned off vibrate in both Myprofiles and phone settings, and if I turn the phone off and then on without changing profiles afterwards, it works as I want it to (i.e., does not vibrate), but as soon as I then change to another profile, the vibrate is back, even though all profiles are set to not vibrate, neither when ringing nor when in silent mode.

    Could it be that the phone thinks it's been turned to silent mode when I change profiles and therefore turns on vibrate by itself? Or is this a bug with Myprofiles?

    Anyone else experience this?

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    yup, same here

    i have been testing MYprofiles quite extensively (exhaustedly?!)

    and i found out that no matter what combo i try, vibrate still happens with sms/email, as long as its not set to "NO SOUND"

    i tried enabling/disabling ringers, changing the default setup etc.

    the program works quite well and i have it setup on GPS location-based profile activation (at office and at home are Dependant, and home (night) is low brightness, silent ringer except for phone).

    everything is set to the 'system default' profile, which is just loud everywhere, if i am not either at work or at home.

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    I have similar problem with the old iPhone 2g that I gave to my son. It vibrates despite the fact that all settings were set to stop the phone from vibrating. As much as I want to upgrade my son's iPhone, I cannot do so at the moment so I'm looking for ways to resolve this because it drains the battery immediately.

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