I have purchased MyProfiles today, and I am VERY disappointed! It is a shame that you are selling something like this, which is less than a trial version, considering all the bugs it has! I will mention only few major.

- When you make some personal settings (volume, tone), for sms, for specific profile, EVERY time sms comes volume control icon shows OVER the sms text itself, and also you hear NOTIFICATION sound, not for sms itself, but for missed sms reminder!
- Every time phone is rebooted, myprofiles choose by itself what profile will be active. It choose second one all the time at me, no matter what profile was active before rebooting.
- I made one profile which has bluetooth turn on, and all other hasn't. When I choose that one with bluetooth turned on, it turns on bluetooth, but when I choose some other profile, with bluetooth turned off, it won't turn it off, but stays ON, and I have manually to turn it off.
- I made also one profile, and name it SILENT, which shod be as it name says, silent one. No ringtone for calls, no ringtone for sms, and NO vibration. I couldn't managed to force it to stay silent. Ringtone stays active like in system settings.

This is just a few bugs I could remember. It is obvious that this software is well imagined, but it is not even near its final edition, and I repeat one more time, it is SHAME that something like this you are selling. Te least you should do is to refund money to people like me whose bought your application without prior information about it.