I'm in awe of the completeness and power of the profile rules engine in myProfiles. However, I'm finding that there's not a lot of difference in what I want the profiles to do when they're activated. What use is it if the phone can tell if it's charging in my car kit, if the settings I need for it are the same as if it was charging on my desk?

In light of that, I'd like to propose an option to execute some type of external command (maybe a shell script, maybe launch an app) when a profile is loaded.

Also, I'd like the ability to have profile that don't stop the execution of the rules engine. For example, I'd like to be able to set an option on my "charging" profile (which simply turns off auto-lock) that tells the rules engine to keep processing after applying the profile. That way, I could have profiles for my car, my house, and my job, perhaps with ringer volume set differently for each, and then a profile for "charging" that turns off autolock.

I'd appreciate calendar integration, but not as much as these features, since there are other programs out there that can change ringer status based on calendar events. That said, it should be pretty simple to add an "in a meeting" option to the engine criteria, perhaps with some sort of option to specify what type of event the rule would match (for example, a string or regexp to find in the event title).

I realize that all this probably sounds really complicated. I'm a developer, and I can visualize how this would all happen in actual code a lot better than I can write it out in english, so please forgive me if I've been obtuse. I'd be willing to submit a patch with these features if you want me to, though I realize this isn't an open-source project.

Thanks for a great app,