This feature either doesn't work or has confusing UI. I haven't fully tested the behavior but it's unclear either way.

I have a profile that I use for after work that I want to blacklist work calls. I have another profile that I use at night that I want to use to whitelist a small group of people who are allowed to wake me at 3am.

When I choose to blacklist the non-work group then whitelist the friends-and-family group in my night profile and finally return to the non-work profile, the whitelist option is again selected. There's no other feedback when I tap the groups (like a badge) to show me that it's applying the currently selected whitelist/blacklist tab to that group. I'm left to either completely test the feature with 2 other cell phones (which I haven't gotten to yet) or assume that the app is broken.

Also, the documentation is no help here.