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Thread: Email alert by subject

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    Default Email alert by subject
    I am trying to setup an email alert based on the subject message & not having success. I have tried to set it up with the complete subject message & I have tried to set it up with just 1 or 2 words of the subject, neither are triggering the alert.

    Anyone else have this issue or have any hints on what i can do to fix this.


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    was the update today supposed to fix this issue?

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    It didn't, but i've spoken with support and they like this feature and are looking to implement it soon

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    Any word on this?

    I use Google Voice for text messaging and have tried to have an alert trap on the subject "SMS from" that is used by Google Voice, however, I do not get alerted from this. I dont want to turn the email sound on for all of my emails as I have multiple accounts including work that receive many emails a day.

    All I want to do is get alerted if I get an SMS or Voicemail through GV...

    In MyProfile, I created an Email Alert called SMS:

    All Profiles: No
    Sender Group: blank ... do I need to include this for it to work? I figured if I left it blank it would account for all senders.

    Subject: "SMS from"
    Mailed Only to Me: Checked
    Mail Accounts: just my gmail

    Sound: On
    Alert Sound: New Mail
    Alert Valume: System Volume (50%)
    Override Silent: No
    Vibrate: On
    Vibrate Patter: Default
    Repeat Alert: Off

    In all my profiles (except Home Night) I have included this rule... any thoughts as to why it wont alert me?

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    AJ, i got mine to work with an email alert, but I did have to put in a sender group even though their tech support said I didn't, but it works great that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cue180 View Post
    AJ, i got mine to work with an email alert, but I did have to put in a sender group even though their tech support said I didn't, but it works great that way.
    Hi cue ... as I was typing that, I was thinking do I need to put someone in there. So I tested by putting my own email account in there.

    Sure enough, as you said, it works perfectly. The problem with that would be that I cant put in everyones google voice sms accounts...

    For now, I will certainly add the main people I text with so that it works for them.

    This is an absolutely fabulous app, I just got it yesterday and will surely be purchasing once the 10 day trial is up.

    If any of the developers are looking in, Id suggest that you either change it so the sender group is not required, or put in text so people know it is...

    Thanks again cue!

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    yeah..i could see where that would be a major issue. luckily, i was just having to set up for a certain email subject that i need to respond to at all hours & it only comes from one email address.

    when they were investigating my issue, they said that I shouldn't have to have a group in there, just a subject. Never worked though & I was tired of installing, reinstalling and having to set up all profiles, groups & alerts again.

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