As suggested on the Support link at Rock Your Phone, I submitted an email to Intelliborn for this, but, again, thought it would be good to share here, in case others might find it helpful. Below is a copy of what I sent:

Hi there! Just paid for MyProfiles on my Rock Your Phone page. I had been exploring the trail version for the past few days. Very happy with it, overall.

Have an issue with it now though: I like the escalating volume for calls. But, what happens is that, if I either answer a call or it goes into voicemail before the volume escalates to 100%, then the volume remains low, at whatever the volume was when call was either answered by me or by my voicemail.

Sometimes this means the volume stays super low, so, if a new email/text/call comes in before I have realized this, then the alarm set to alert of this email/text/call goes off at that very low volume, which is difficult, of course, to hear.

Please let me know if this bug can be fixed soon, and when I should check for the update at RockYourPhone. Thanks! Cheers