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Thread: Problems playing Quicktime?

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    Default Problems playing Quicktime?
    So, I encounter a lot of Quicktime movies that my phone won't play, and I'm wondering if it's my phone or just me?

    Phone: iOS 3.1.3, JB with pwnagetool.
    App: ICHC (I Can Has Cheezburger)

    Along with the stills, there are a bunch of movies embedded. The ones that link to YouTube play fine. The others, which are .mov files, act like they're coming up, with a Quicktime logo on the screen and says "Loading Movie", but then error out saying "Movie could not be played.

    Here's a typical one, taken from syslog:
    ICHC 2.0[2731]: _movieUrl: rc=2 _permalink: - Capybara Sucks on Bunny Ears - Uploaded by cheezburger

    What's really weird is that I put that permalink into Safari on the phone, tap on the movie, and it responds "You are not authorized to open this file". I put the same link into SeaMonkey on my Mac, and it plays just fine. Huh??? The Mercury web browser does the same as Safari, and Opera Mini doesn't show the video image at all...

    Am I missing something, Or is this just something the phone cannot do?


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    I think you are unaware of the nature of QuickTime.

    QuickTime is a container, it is not a codec. So if the codec used in the QuickTime file you have is something that your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone cannot read, it won't play it back. I have Flip4Mac And Perian on my Macintosh and there is hardly a codec that my Mac's QuickTime player cannot read. But my iPhone and iPad are pretty much limited to H.264.

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    So I guess I'll have to capture that video stream, and analyze it to see which codec it's using. Annoying...

    OK, I understand what's happening, but not why.

    The site has three versions of the video: .mov (original), .flv (flash) and .mp4 (iphone). Quicktime Player tells me they have the following characteristics:

    H.264, 720 x 480, Millions
    Linear PCM, 16 bit little-endian signed integer, 2 channels, 48000 Hz

    H.264, 640 x 436, Millions
    AAC, 2 channels, 48000 Hz

    H.264 (Perian), 704 x 480, Millions
    AAC, Stereo, 48.000 kHz

    So somehow, it's trying to feed my phone the standard version of the file instead of the iphone version. Now I just need to figure out why. But note that all the formats are supposedly H.264...

    Anyone have ideas why it might think my phone is a regular computer instead?

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