I figured out something today that could be VERY useful. I figured out how to remove apps that are paused. If you SSH into the downloads folder (private/var/mobile/media/downloads) and open the file named "manifest.plist" you'll find all the properties for the apps that haven't finished downloading yet. If you want to remove one of the apps, go to it's properties and change the key named "failed" so that it says "true"'(without quotes) instead of "false" (without quotes). Then save and reboot (repringing won't work) when you look at the app on the home screen you'll notice that it says it's name under it instead of "paused". You can now delete it like any other application.

What I want is for someone to create a tweak that automatically mods the "manifest.plist" and makes it so you won't have to reboot. This would be extremely helpful to all iDevice users I'd say.

(Note: I tested this on my 4G iPod touch on iOS 4.1 with iFile)