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Thread: Skype Co-Founder's FreedomPop Offers AT&T & Verizon iPhone Users Free Unthrottled Data

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    Thumbs up Skype Co-Founder's FreedomPop Offers AT&T & Verizon iPhone Users Free Unthrottled Data
    FreedomPop will offer iPhone case with high speed mobile broadband internet and deliver free data services up to 5x 3g speeds to any iPhone user across any carrier. After customers use up the 1GB they’ll be charged a 1 cent for every additional megabyte consumed . . . which falls in line with what the average $10 per gigabyte most of the major operators charge for overages.

    The estimated cost of the "shell" (iPhone case) is $75 and will be fully refundable once service is canceled, as long as case is still in relatively good shape. GigaOM has more details.

    I've been using a mophie Juice Pak (extended battery) case. Of course, it doesn't provide me with data service. I wonder if the FreedomPop case will have a built-in extended battery charger. Who's going to try to stop FreedomPop in its' tracks first: AT&T or Verizon??

    I noticed this when I signed up to be notified when FreedomPop's service launches:

    "Find friends already signed up for FreedomPop. People connected to the most friends will get first priority for service at launch".
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    As Sprint are Clearwire's largest investor is this their way of getting back at AT&T / Verizon? WiMax does seem to be 'niche', rather like CDMA-2000, outside of the USA it is only available in a few small markets and doesn't look like it has much of a future - but with this and NetZero, Clearwire do seem to have some interesting marketing techniques.

    If this doesn't include an extended battery it could seriously limit the iPhone and with only 1Gb free at 4G speeds (well 3-6Mb and bursts of up to 10Mb) it could get expensive for some of the high data users we see here.

    An interesting concept though. Let us know how it goes. Good luck.
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