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Thread: AT&T Throttled 3G speed vs Edge question

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    Default AT&T Throttled 3G speed vs Edge question
    Has anyone that've been throttled on the AT&T unlimited data plan tried a speed test on EDGE? I wondered if the data speed on a throttled 3G is slower than EDGE. I haven't been throttled yet so I can't do the test myself.

    Non-throttled I get about 0.1Mbits per second on EDGE and 5Mbits per second on 3G in West Austin Texas.

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    I get about .3 MB/S on 3G, but I don't know about edge, I'm in FW, TX

    Well this speed test app says I get 4.6 MB/S on 3G but I defiantly don't download anything that fast.
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    They Throttled me for the first time this week when I went over 3GB. AT&T has me locked to 512k right now.mim not a happy camper right now. I told them as well.
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    Every time I get throttled I turn 3G off because edge is faster.

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