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Thread: Otterbox now claims their cases do not fit the white iPhone 4

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    Question Otterbox now claims their cases do not fit the white iPhone 4
    In an apparently bizarre twist to the "sizegate" drama with the white iPhone 4, I had an interesting "encounter" this weekend with Otterbox who now claims on their website that their cases do not fit the WHITE iPhone 4. iPhone 4 Commuter Series Case //

    Skeptical, I went into a local store to try the case on my device and it fit, pretty much, like a glove, IMO. But the local store charges about twice what I found online with free shipping and since I wanted a white/white Otterbox Commuter model, which Otterbox does not offer, I elected to just buy 2 (or four, if you count all of the combinations) cases basically for the price of one and interchange the white shell with the white skin to achieve my objective. (The remaining shell and case would be used during the college football season since they matched my teams colors.)

    Pretty cut and dry, right?

    The company that I went with (you can do your own Google Shopping search or PM me) was selling them for about $20 but they emailed me to inform me that they were out of stock in the white/black model and wanted to know if I wanted to substitute, reduce, or cancel the order. I replied and inquired whether I could just order a white/white (since that was what I really wanted) pieced together from other combinations. A long shot-I know, right?

    They responded in the negative,stating that they didn't have the white shell in any of the other combinations, but they also included a link to the Otterbox, which I posted above. They, along with a couple of the distributors, have posted this link on their website.

    I wasn't buying it, so I marched off to the first Verizon store I could find with ANY color of the the Commuter in stock and tried it on for size, confirming my suspicions.

    I have two cases (one from the original company at the original $20 price; the other from a different company for about $33 bucks) on the way via mail as we speak. I unsuccessfully tried to Google actual pics of this phone in this case. If I have time, I will try and remember to post actual pics of mine in the case this weekend...

    What do you think? Conspiracy, confabulation, or just confusion?

    (I'm going to try and hit the mall later on and see what the "geniuses" at Apple have to say on this matter. I'll report back if there is anything of substantial interest.)
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    Update: I received the cases today and both fit fine. MMI requires a host-based (if that makes sense) photo upload, so I will include a link once I get the pictures up on Picasa.

    Sadly, my best camera is actually the one on the phone, so I will upload the 3.2MP shot for what its worth...
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    I got this White/Pink Otterbox Commuter for my wife. It fits perfectly!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thazsar View Post
    I got this White/Pink Otterbox Commuter for my wife. It fits perfectly!
    So, it turns out that Otterbox edited their site to say "works with" rather than "fits" the iPhone 4. The issues is a glitch with the proximity sensor which, by some accounts, can be remedied with a carefully placed mark from a black Sharpie on the case.

    Mystery solved! Thanks for your input.

    (for the record, my proximity sensor works just fine without any modification.)

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